Our List of Trade Show Must-Haves

You have set the date for your first trade show and purchased the custom visuals that will be on display. Your booth has that wow factor but it is the little things that could blow your cool during an event. Here are our list of trade show must-haves to make sure your exhibition goes smoothly.

Handheld Steamer via http://search.creativecommons.org/

1. When transporting your custom visuals, it is always a good idea to remember that you are dealing with fabric. If you are setting up your booth and you notice that the table cover or fabric banner you have purchased is wrinkly, it can detract from the awesome logo you created. Avoid this issue by bringing a handheld steamer with you to the event.

2. While it may seem obvious, making sure you bring an attendee's list, with a place for names, phone numbers and emails, is essential for remembering all the people who dropped by your booth. Without this, your time at the event could be pointless.

3. Give your booth a high tech feel by displaying electronics. Maybe you play music with a bluetooth speaker, or utilize an iPad to show your company’s website - either way these will ensure customers are interacting with your booth.

4. Show that you are prepared by bringing a personal stash of office supplies. From pens and highlighters to cleaning supplies, you will be thankful you had these in abundance if the need arises. Additionally, for your event to go off without a hitch, bring back up power strips and tools for those unforeseen mishaps.

5. Finally, you are a human. Standing behind a booth for hours will get tiring but you will still want to present your best face to potential clients. Do not forget to bring comfortable shoes, some pain meds, healthy snacks and water

It might be easy to forget the little things when you are exhibiting, but with this handy list of trade show must-haves you will be more than prepared!

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