How to Generate Sales with Trade Show Marketing: Our President Talks Shop With GovBizConnect

GovBizConnect touched base with our team to shed some light on trade show marketing and how it can be useful for government contractors. As a business to business network for such clients, GovBizConnect wanted to get the best information on the subject, so they turned to the expert: our president Ben Camerota. Part one of a two-part article, he gives tips that can be used in any industry.

When looking for a place to start in trade show marketing, Ben suggests reading up on the industry in Exhibitor Magazine or on the Trade Show News Network (TSNN). Both retain valuable information for the event professional.

Once you’ve determined if working the trade show angle is an appropriate marketing strategy for your business model, turn to your competitors and customers to figure out where to sign up for your first show.

Space on the trade show floor plays an important factor on the impact your display will have. Your custom visuals should represent your brand accordingly, big and flashy if that is your style. Ben gives first timer’s a tip: sign up early for your desired show in order to get prime spots on a budget. After the show, evaluate if the extra cost for the prime real-estate would be worth the investment.

Finally, weave news about your upcoming event into your current social and email marketing strategies. Let your customers know where you’ll be, including booth number, to help draw a crowd. Use of new RFID technology makes analyzing customer turn out even easier. At bigger shows, event goers sign up before hand on social media, and with wrist bands containing a tagging device, they can check-in at each booth they visit. This technology creates a wealth of data for analysts to determine who are a brand’s fans and how to market to them.

Stay turned in the coming weeks for part two of Ben’s interview with GovBizConnect. More trade show marketing tips are on the way.

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