Liquid Repellent Polyester Table Cover – Front Panel Print

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00:10 Liquid Repellent Polyester Table Cover With A Front Panel Print
00:20 Fabric Type
00:36 Full Color Dye Sublimation Print On The Front Panel
00:43 How The Material Works
00:52 Style Options

Today, we're highlighting our liquid repellent polyester table cover with a front panel print, which is a great option when you or your customers may be handling liquids during your events. These custom table covers are made from 100% polyester poplin, and are available in standard 4, 6 and 8 foot sizes, as well as custom sizes.

Production time is 3 business days after you approve your digital art proof. These table covers feature a full color dye sublimation print on the front panel, with 6 background stock colors available. Here’s how they work: spills gather into small pools that can easily be absorbed with a cloth or paper towel, leaving no residue behind. The polyester covers come in either a throw or fitted style and you can choose the option of an open back panel, all for the same price.

And there's no need to worry about cleaning these covers - they're machine washable. These can be ordered directly on our website or if you would like a quote for custom sizes or volume pricing you can click the red request a quote button and we’ll be happy to help.

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