How Custom Table Cloths Are Printed For Trade Shows

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00:11 Polyester Table Covers With A Logo On The Front Panel

00:20 Dye Sublimation Print

00:58 Front, Top And Side Panels Are Sewn Together

01:10 Know The Dimensions Of Your Artwork 


Hi, Emily here with MVP Visuals. Your go to for custom branded displays.We often get questions asking how polyester table covers with a logo on the front panel are actually printed.So we thought that we would walk you through the process.

First off, the front panel is a dye sublimation print. This means that the fabric begins white and is printed with a mix of a CMYK ink, also known as 4 Color. This process is similar to that of your computer printer.Once the artwork is printed on the front panel, it's then joined into the top and side panels of the table cover - which are a stock color that matches the front panel. Please know that slight color variations between the panels are standard. The difference isn’t visible once your cover is on display.

Joining together these panels creates seams lines that are found along the edges here and here as well as across the front panel here.In order to get your perfect print, you’re going to want to know the dimensions of your artwork.Typically, you're going to want to leave a one inch safe print border on all sides when placing artwork on the template. Once artwork is submitted in vector format or as a high resolution image, you'll be ready to go.For more information or to request a quote visit us at

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