Understanding the Perfect Print Process for Your Custom Visuals

There are many, many options to work through when you’re deciding on custom printed visuals for your event or business space. Materials, sizes, styles, colors…and the list goes on. The point of all this, really, is to show off your logo or custom design, so that you can look your best and wow customers or event-goers. The right print process is a critical step in that process – for your design and for your budget!

Some custom visuals are designed to work with a certain print process, so be sure to read the description carefully to see what you’re getting. Others will allow you to choose the print process that works best for your design in terms of colors, indoor/outdoor use, size, detail, gradients, etc. Below are the most common print processes used to customize marketing visuals for events.

Dye Sublimation Printing (Digital Printing)

Dye sub printing is definitely the most popular type of printing, probably because it has many advantages and few downsides. The process involves actually dyeing the fabric or material (as opposed to layering color on top) so it generally makes for machine-washable, durable printed visuals. The only downside is that it isn’t always the most economical option – others might be cheaper if you’re ordering a large run or just 1 color.


digital print  

  • Most vivid, high quality print – photo quality and perfect for gradients
  • Unlimited colors, (CMYK process or even Pantone color matching)
  • Often printing all over or just in one spot costs the same

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the second most popular option we use here at MVP Visuals. Unlike dye sublimation, the ink is actually printed on top of the material – by being forced through a screen laser-cut to match your design. You’ll get bold, vivid colors that passersby won’t be able to miss! However, screen printing won’t give you options like gradients or very precise details (so it’s not ideal for printing photos or images).

screen printingBenefits:


  • Most cost-effective print option for high volume orders
  • Recommended for 1 or 2 color prints

    Fusion Printing

    Fusion printing is the least common choice, but it is most likely to be used for customized tents. This process is also called heat applique, because your logo or design is printed onto vinyl and then fixed to the fabric or material using high heat. It’s very inexpensive and can look great – but you’ll be limited in terms of print sizes since this option isn’t the best for huge prints.

     fusion print tentBenefits:

    • Most cost effective print option
    • Available in 1 color or multicolor options

    Consider your design when choosing an option – is it 1 or 2 colors, or do you need an unlimited palette? Does it include color gradients and fine detail? How big does the print need to be? Then you can narrow down your options based on your budget and other factors. Use our Request a Quote form to figure out prices for the visuals you decide on! And we’re always here to help you decide – just get in touch!

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