Tent Weight Bag

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Hi, Emily here with MVP Visuals. Today, we're highlighting our custom tent weight bags, which add security and peace of mind when using your branded canopy tent. Each of our custom tents includes stakes to secure the tent. However, when facing inclement weather or if you’re setting up for a multi-day event, or not on grass, weight bags are the perfect accessory. These cases are made from heavy duty nylon fabric, with quick attachment straps. Once sand is added and the Velcro straps are applied, it creates up to forty pounds of weight to each tent leg.

These are available in sets of four or six and production time is 24 to 48 business hours. Not sure what surface you’ll be placing your tent on? No worries. These sand bags are the perfect solution for any ground situation - protecting your tent from weather related damage.These can be ordered directly on our website mvpvisuals.com or if you would like a quote you can click the red request a quote button and we’ll be happy to help.

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