Brand New Visuals to Spice Up Your Trade Show Display

If you’re in the market for new marketing visuals for a trade show or event booth, or looking to freshen  up your current display, you know that shopping around is part of the process. Comparing prices, requesting quotes, checking fabric colors – it’s a big undertaking. And unfortunately, a lot of the visuals you find out there are just the same old thing.

We’ve been working hard over the last couple months to bring out new custom visuals, new options, and new bundles – all with the goal of giving you choices that will breathe new life into your trade show display, whether it’s a total overhaul or just one or two new visuals. Check out these new options and request a quote if you like what you see!

Two New Fabric Pop Ups for Great Backdrops

Magnet curved pop upSince February we’ve added two great new options if you’re looking for a branded backdrop for your booth – our Curved Fabric Tension Pop Up, and the Pop Up Magnet Curved Backwall. Both give you that big impact you need from a backwall to really catch visitors’ eyes, but fit into a modest budget. The Magnet Pop Up uses cleverly-placed magnets for assembly, which means that setting up your custom pop up couldn’t be easier, even if you’re solo. Choosing a curved backwall gives your display natural style and sophistication, and full digital printing means your graphics will look sharper and more vivid than ever, in unlimited colors.

Fun & Functional Display Shapes

Display cubesThese are so new that you might not have seen them yet at events – but you’re going to love them! Display Cubes give you an unusual way to display your custom graphics or logo, by printing your design on high quality fabric that slips over the foam core like a pillowcase (okay, more like a pillowcase with zippers for a secure fit). The foam core is so dense and strong, you can use these as seats, display shelves, end tables, etc. within your booth space. You can feature one image on each side, or have one image printed all over the fabric. For a large display that really stands out on the trade show floor, you can print one large image over many cubes, and stack for a backdrop, accent wall, or pyramid. Passersby are sure to notice this clever and fun way to show off your logo or images.

Bundles for Budget-Friendly Savings

Banner stand bundleWe know that no one shops for event visuals without a close eye on the budget. That’s why we’ve added two new bundles to our line-up, designed to give you everything you need with a big price cut. If you need a high-impact backdrop or event banner, our Banner Stand and 12oz Vinyl Banner Bundle is the way to go – you get our large adjustable banner stand, with a heavy duty vinyl banner that will look great inside or outside. If your events are outside, our Outdoor Event Bundle Kit has everything you need to make a splash in the great outdoors – and it will save you $249!

These are just a few of our newest offerings, meant to perk up your display and your budget! Get in touch to ask questions or discuss artwork. We’re here and happy to help!

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