How To Choose The Right Fabric And Frame For A Custom Tent

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00:17 Types of Fabrics and Frames for a Custom Tent

00:37 500 Denier Fabric

01:00 Request Swatches and Spec Sheets

01:07 Tent Frames Come in Two Standard Options - Aluminum and Steel

01:12 Aluminum Frames

01:20 Steel Frames

Hi, Emily here with MVP Visuals – your go to for custom branded displays. We often receive questions asking, “What types of fabrics and frames are available for a custom tent?” The truth is all tent tops and frames are not created equal. That’s why we’re explaining the differences you should be comparing when looking for a custom canopy.

Canopy fabric is typically coated polyester or canvas, but there’s a sliding scale in regards to quality and what’s included. 500 Denier is the most popular material option for high-grade tents. This is much more durable than pop up tents you’ll find in a retail store. With higher grade canopy fabrics you’ll want find out is it UV resistant, flame retardant or liquid repellant. Has it been treated to prevent mold? And how long are the prints guaranteed for? You can always request swatches and spec sheets to ensure the fabric meets your standards.

Tent frames come in two standard options - aluminum and steel.Aluminum frames are lightweight which makes them great for travel. But they are sometimes more expensive.Steel frames are more popular since they are heavy duty and they are typically more cost effective. A high strength steel frame should weigh between 40 to 60 pounds.With either frame you should get proper accessories, such as ground stakes or weight bags, to stabilize the frame as much as possible.

Make sure to review these tips before you purchase a custom tent.For more information or to request a quote, visit us at

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