How to Choose the Right Table Cover For Your Next Event

Table covers are event essentials for any display, but they are anything but basic. Maybe in the past your options were limited to the traditional style, but today you can choose almost any material, style, design, size and shape to get exactly the look that fits your practical needs and your visual aesthetic. And price doesn’t have to be a limiting factor, since even custom printed table covers are affordable if you shop smart.

Here’s a look at your options for custom table covers, and the important points to consider when you make your choice:

1.  Print Type and Location

Front panel printThe classic (and very professional) look is often a front-panel print, and we doubt it will ever go out of style. This is a great way to display your logo in one large graphic, and it gives you two options for printing: screen printing (cost-effective for quantities of 13+) and dye sublimation printing (perfect for detailed, multicolor logos).

If you’re exhibiting at an event where visitors will see more than just your front panel, consider an all-over print. Dye sublimation printing offers you unlimited colors and photo-quality detail, so you could print your personalized table cover to show off a detailed image, your logo on each side panel, or an all-over pattern created with your logo.

2.  Fabric and Style

printed spandex table coverThe traditional polyester printed table cover (in fitted or throw style) is never going to go out of style. But if you’d like to try something sleek and new for your next show, consider a custom spandex table cover. This look is stylish and cool but still very sophisticated and professional, and it doesn’t have to cost more than the classic polyester cover.

Made to fit both cocktail and trade show tables, these custom table covers stretch snugly over the table top and down the legs of your table to create a smooth, wrinkle-free silhouette. And because they use dye sublimation printing for customization, it doesn’t cost any more to print all-over versus just the front panel!

3.  Special Features

Recycled polyester table coverYou might be thinking, “What the heck special features could a table cloth really have?” – but don’t underestimate the modern table cover. Custom spandex table covers come in standard spandex, economy stretch, or flame retardant types. For special non-spandex fabrics, choose from recycled materials, liquid repellent, flame retardant and outdoor-use.

Then you’ll need to consider details of fit and setup: many table covers come with back zippers, or open back panels for easy under-table access and storage. Not sure what size you will need for different events? Go for a convertible table cover, which adjusts to fit an 8 foot or 6 foot standard table with just a bit of Velcro. Watch this video to see how it works.

What’s next? Think about how your whole display will come together, and what look for your table cover will best fit with that theme. When you’ve decided, you can buy online right now, or request a quote here. Have questions about size, style, fit, or anything really? Contact us to talk details.

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