What Are The Different Types Of Print For A Custom Tent?

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00:20 Three Print Options For Your Custom Tent

00:35 Digital Print Custom Tents

00:49 Digital Print Allows Unlimited Colors And Details

00:52 Screen Printing

01:08 Fusion Print

01:24 Determine Your Best Option

Hi, Emily here with MVP Visuals – your go to for custom branded displays. We often receive questions asking, “What are the different types of print for a custom tent?” Understanding the three print options for your canopy can be tricky. The key thing to remember is that the cost, number of colors and size of your logo may change depending on which option best suites your needs.

The first is digital print, which is the most popular. Here, the fabric begins white and is printed by a mix of CMYK ink. This is similar to the process of a computer printer. Digital print allows the entire panel to be printed with unlimited colors and details.

The second type is screen printing. A custom screen is laser-cut and ink is forced through the screen and onto the fabric – rather than dyed. Screen print is cost-effective for tent logos with 1 or 2 colors.

The third option is fusion print, also known as heat applique. The logo is printed on vinyl and applied at high heat onto the fabric surface. It’s available in 1 or multi-color options, but it has limited print sizes. It is the most cost-effective option.

To determine the best print for your custom canopy, consider the size and color of your logo or artwork and how many sides of the tent you would like printed. For more information or to request a quote, visit us at mvpvisuals.com

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