Tent Roller Bag

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Video Highlights:

00:17 Made Of Heavy Duty Nylon Fabric

00:30 Wheels For Easy Transportation

00.39 Production Time 24-48 Business Hours

00.56 Ample Storage Space

Hi, Emily here with MVP Visuals. Today, we're highlighting our tent roller bag - an awesome accessory for your custom branded tent. These cases are made from a heavy duty nylon fabric and constructed with heavy duty zippers and handles all for durability. And since they are roller bags, their base contains wheels for easy transportation. They’re available to fit any size custom printed tent that MVP offers.

Production time is 24 to 48 business hours. The other key benefit aside from movability is storage. You always want to make sure that your tent topper and tent frame are dry before placing in the case. This will ensure that you can safely and cleanly store your tent. These can be ordered directly on our website mvpvisuals.com or if you would like a quote you can click the red request a quote button and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for watching.

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