Not Your Parents' Visuals: 4 Ways to Update Your Display

We’re not knocking the classic or traditional trade show display look – it’s timeless! Those favorites have been favorites for so long because they look great, and with custom printing you can always make an old classic your own. But the tried-and-true simply isn’t for everyone!

If you feel like your event booth could use a style update, we have a few suggestions for you. The latest trade show visuals are sleek, economical, and easy to set up. They can definitely add a feel of modern, sophisticated style to any trade show booth. Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Tired of Drapes? Try an Economical Pop Up

Fabric Tension Pop UpCustom printed drapes are a classic look, but if yours have you yawning, check out one of our newest additions: The Fabric Tension Pop Up. It’s a very economical option, meant to give your booth all the appeal and style of a fancy tension backwall, but without that budget-busting price tag! A full digital print gives you the best quality images, and you can choose a straight or curved pop up shape to fit your booth space – in 8 or 10 foot sizes, and double- or single-sided styles. This inexpensive pop up, with the right graphics, will draw attention to your display and show visitors who you are at a glance!

2.  Bored of Traditional Table Covers? Try our Stretch Mural

stretch mural table coverPolyester table covers are the classic trade show gold standard – they continue to be in our bestsellers list, and probably will for a long time to come. If your brand needs a sleeker, more modern design to fit your style, check out another MVP bestseller: the Stretch Mural Table Cover. This spandex table cover hugs the shape of your table from legs to tabletop, created a smooth, wrinkle-free shape over cocktail or banquet tables in a range of sizes. You’ll get unlimited colors, and you can choose to print all over or just on one panel. The price is really impossible to beat; printed stretch table covers start at just $179.

3.  Sick of a Boring Banner? Replace It with a Custom Lightbox

LightboxIf you want to turn up the modern edge on your trade show booth or event display, Lightboxes are absolutely the way to go. These display boxes light your custom graphics from behind for an eye-catching, unmissable visual. Both of the custom light displays we offer use a digitally-printed fabric to create your image in an aluminum frame, highlighting and glamorizing your image when the backlighting is plugged in and turned on. Perfect for showing off photos of your products or services, or highlighting your logo so it stands out in the crowd, our high quality lightbox displays will make a big first impression on your new visitors.

Want to talk details about any of these products, or our many, many other modern and sophisticated trade show visuals? Get in touch with our customer service team, or request a quote if you know what you want!

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