How to Use Budget-Friendly Display Visuals to Stop Traffic

Whether it’s a trade show, outdoor event, concert or festival, your goal with a booth or display should really be to stop traffic. Those people flowing by your booth could be valuable leads, new customers, or helpful industry contacts – but as long as they keep walking, you’ll never know. You’ve probably seen some big-ticket visuals at trade shows that have that big impact needed to stop passersby, like sky-high graphic towers and detailed set replicas (we’ve all seen the fake kitchen set up, right?). But you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to have an impact visually. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking of a great booth that’s within budget.

Create a Custom Backdrop with a Banner Stand

Banner as backdropThere are very pricey back walls and backdrops that can help you make a statement at your next event – but you can get the same impact from a high-quality banner on a sturdy banner stand. You can get a vinyl or fabric banner custom printed with graphics that will get you noticed, whether that’s your logo in bold colors, a photo of your products or services, or a combination of text and images. With quality digital printing, it has the same visual effect as more expensive back walls, at a fraction of the price. And with a large, adjustable banner stand, you won’t need any tools or talent to set it up: a true blessing at trade shows and events.

Choose Size Over Quantity

custom carpetIt’s true that some trade show booths seem to have it all – the custom table cover, merchandise displays, backdrop, curtains on the sides, custom carpeting, and some fancy furniture, too. But if you’re on a budget, you’ll be better off choosing a few large, noticeable custom visuals and letting the other guys fill up their booths with every display item ever produced. That’s because you can make as much of an impression with one or two awesome, well-designed visuals – like a huge banner across the top, or a very colorful, eye-catching custom carpet – as you can with a bunch of smaller branded items. Think of the things that catch your attention when you walk around a trade show, and direct your budget toward those items.

Spice Up Your Designs

Colorful displaySome logos are really over the top – and others keep it simple. If yours is on the simple side, or monochromatic, that doesn’t have to limit the design on your visuals. You should definitely include your logo, but you can really turn up the volume by adding bright or deep colors around the logo: in text, artwork or other images. Dress up your visuals with images of what you do, what you sell, or who you are, and play around with designs that frame your simpler logo with fun, eye-catching graphics. Think carefully about the color scheme for your booth as a whole, because it can contribute a lot to visitors’ impression of you.

Read more about choosing the right colors, logo and artwork for your visuals in this eBook about preparing your artwork for printing.

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