Get Game-Ready with the Outdoor Event Kit Bundle

For outdoor sports events, it can be helpful to have an event tent set up to give the team a secure field headquarters and help event managers and volunteers do their jobs. MVP's new Outdoor Event Kit Bundle offers all-in-one event kits ideal for sports teams or sporting events. Learn more about the sporting event kit bundle and how it serves the needs of athletic teams, institutions, and athletes. 

Why Sporting Events Need Custom Event Tents

Since sporting events often take place outside, it can be difficult to have a centralized meeting place for players and staff. Unless your locker rooms are adjacent to the field, there is nowhere for athletes to gather during warm up, half time, or post-game. 

For sporting events such as tournaments, cross country races, 5Ks, and triathlons, the need is even more critical. These events often take place in natural spaces that lack facilities for event organizers to gather, plan, and assess. Pop-up event tents offer a central place to host registration and check-in, allow spectators to watch, or organize staff. 

Custom tents not only provide much-needed space for athletes, spectators, and event hosts, they offer a simple yet sophisticated way to brand the tent with team or event colors. At MVP our tents can be printed on all sides with a team or event logo in your chosen colors.

What you’ll get with MVP's Outdoor Event Kit Bundle 

Our Flash! Custom Tent measures 10' x 10' and can be easily seen from any side. This helps attendees quickly identify where to go, saving your staff time in directing people. A 10' backwall provides privacy and encourages attendees to enter through the front or side where staff can greet them appropriately. This can be printed on one side for branding and could even act as a photo backdrop.

Our sporting event kit also comes with an Outdoor Table Cover, which is made from commercial canopy fabric for supreme toughness and can be custom printed. Finally, we include 2 Single-Sided Feather Flags (13" height). These can be printed with your logo or slogan. 

When it comes to custom printing, we understand quality is key. Order the outdoor event kit bundle and supply a digital file of your chosen artwork. Within 24 hours, we will send over a proof for your approval. Only once you have given approval will we fulfill your order, ensuring that your event or team branding is to your satisfaction. 

When you order the event kit bundle from MVP, you get everything you need for a sports event setup for $200 less than the price of items sold separately. Products ship in 7 to 10 days, so plan ahead to have your custom outdoor event tent before your big day.

Take advantage of this special bundle to get access to our premier products at a very competitive price! View the Outdoor Event Kit Bundle and order yours now. 



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