3 Tips to Maximize B2B Marketing at Trade Shows

B2B marketing can often be a lengthy process. Unlike B2C marketing, when you’re typically speaking directly to the eventual buyer of your product or service, B2B marketing often involves many stages of messaging and sales pitches before you reach the gatekeeper who can actually go forward with the buying process. Because of this, B2B marketing can be a pricey and lengthy undertaking.

There’s good news though! Effective trade show marketing can cut down on all that. According to Margit Weisgal, President of the Trade Show Exhibitors Association, exhibit marketing “reduces the buying cycle” and “can reduce the cost of a sale by as much as 75%.” That sounds like music to the ears of any B2B marketer – but how can you ensure that you’re getting as much out of your trade show attendance as possible? Follow these 3 tips:

1.  Go Through the Guest List

B2B exchangeB2B event marketing is all about making contact with the right people. Are you going to leave that up to chance? Scope out the list of businesses attending, and highlight the ones that are a good fit for what you have to offer. At the very least, make note of where their booths are on the floor plan, so you can be sure to swing by and establish contact.

Think logically about what specific things your business can help improve or cut costs on for these businesses, and show up prepared. If you’re keen, get in touch ahead of time to set up a meeting with their trade show staff at the event, so you can get down to details. A face-to-face sit down is a lot more valuable than a quick exchange of business cards.

2.  Look Professional, Act Professionally

Your trade show exhibit will be the first impression you make on possible leads, and your staff will be the first to make that connection. Normally it’s your website or your sales team that makes first contact – so your booth needs to be just as polished.

Expand Media WallChoose sophisticated, custom branded visuals to put together a very professional look for your display. My personal preference is for sleek stretch table covers in an all over print, since they are stylish and still professional. A strong, colorful backdrop (either custom printed drapes, a fabric pop up, Media Wall or Triga Wall) will help you make a statement that fits with your branding and your style.

3.  Pitch for Different Profiles

Trade show pitchAt a trade show, you’ll meet everyone from entry-level clerks to CEOs. Would you use the same pitch for all of them? Think about what aspects of your offering would appeal most to different roles: for example, team managers might be more interested in how you can improve efficiency, whereas C-level professionals might focus more on cutting costs. Find out who you’re talking to before you launch into your standard spiel, and tailor it to their needs specifically.

For more trade show marketing tips, browse our blog, and for your trade show visuals, check out our webshop! We hope you’ll get in touch with questions, and request a quote if you have your eye on something special.

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