5 Tent Buying Tips: Let MVP’s Tent Guide Help You Decide

A custom printed logo tent is definitely one of the best ways to stand out at an event – but it can also be a daunting investment. Compared to other, simpler visuals, branded tents come with a bigger price tag, and a lot more details and fine print as well. Choosing the right tent for your logo, your events, and your budget should be a thoughtful, thorough process – but it shouldn’t be intimidating!

Eclipse II TentTo help walk you through the process in a painless way, we’ve put together a short guide that clarifies the steps ahead and the options you have when choosing a logo tent. We’re calling it 5 Quick Tips to Save Money & Stand Out: How to Buy a Logo Tent That Lasts for Years. It’s free to download and view, so you can get started on the process with a little help from us.

The First Step: Printing Choices

With so many different options for printing, it can certainly get confusing. This section of the guide walks you through the three common types of tent canopy printing: digital print, screen print, and fusion print. You’ll learn the advantages of each option – like how digital printing is best for fine details and color gradients, and screen printing is cost effective for 1- and 2-color prints.

The Second Step: Fabric & Frame Choices

Pop Lite tentYour canopy fabric is very, very important, since it’s the part of your tent that needs to look its best for many years and through many events. The guide suggests important questions that you should ask about the canopy fabric before ordering, to ensure that you’re getting a high quality material that resists the elements (liquid repellent, UV resistant, etc.) and will continue to show off your logo for a long time.

The Third Step: Logo Space Options

Where you print your logo on the tent canopy is completely up to you – and it’s a good way to adjust your tent to fit your budget and your event spaces. Businesses on a tight budget can choose, for example, to print the logo on just one side instead of all four, if most of their events only allow visitors to see the tent from the front anyways!

The Fourth Step: Long Term Care Tips

Hard carry caseThis section of the guide helps you think about how to maintain your tent once you have it, so that your up-front investment pays off again and again over the years. Tips for storage, as well as accessories to protect and secure your branded tent, will help you decide on a plan for your tent’s care.

The Final Step: Warranty Options

It’s never more important to read the fine print than when you’re thinking about warranty options. Most high quality tents come with a warranty of some kind, but they’re not all created equal. This section of the guide points out the things you should look for in a warranty, so your investment is well taken care of.

And that’s not all – there’s even a bonus tip at the end of the guide! Download the complete guide to get detailed help for all these steps, and then we have one last tip for you: get in touch! We have expert staff waiting to live chat, email or speak to you on the phone about your questions and concerns when it comes to ordering a tent.

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