How To Simplify Trade Show Transport

Attending a trade show or marketing event takes a lot of planning and preparation, but that’s hardly the final step. Setting up that perfect trade show display or booth you imagined requires some transportation and heavy lifting. And the bigger your setup, the bigger the headache when it comes to packing up, shipping or transporting, and unpacking at your event.

Because of all the work that goes into setting up at big event, marketing visuals are often designed to make life a little bit easier. This usually means easy setups, few or no parts for assembly, lightweight designs and travel cases or bags. Obviously the most important factor when choosing trade show visuals is how they look and represent your brand, but it’s also worthwhile to check the details and make sure you’re ordering something that won’t be more trouble than it’s worth.

One Piece/Instant Assembly

Eclipse II tentOne of the best ways to simplify the back and forth of getting your visuals to an event is to choose visuals that are just one item. You’ve probably seen many examples of these at events you’ve attended, since most savvy trade show exhibitors use them. For tents, easy-up or one piece instant frames mean that your whole tent requires no additional tools, nuts or bolts to go from compact to fully assembled. Without the worry of losing parts or tools, you can just chuck the tent in your car or luggage.

Travel Friendly Accessories

Hard carry case for tentWhen you’re browsing for trade show visuals, you might not always read all the specs or details. But you should – it’s where you’ll find out if the item you’re thinking of comes with a carry case, shoulder bag, or rolling bag. Those things will really count when you’re packing up and traveling to an event. Many of our tents, banners, displays, and other items come with an included travel case to help you simplify the process. You can also purchase travel cases for the visuals you already have, if you want to streamline your transportation.

Lightweight, Compact Design

Instant trade show tableI’ve personally been a part of that mad dash at the end of an event, when it’s all hands on deck and everyone is ready to get home and put their feet up. Packing up in a hurry, and then carrying everything out to be transported – it’s a big process and no one wants it to be more complicated than it needs to be. Lightweight and compact design makes visuals easy to pack up and carry, which makes your takedown process a lot more painless. Many of our tents, banners, displays, tables and chairs are designed with this in mind, using high-strength, low-weight materials like aluminum and reinforced plastic.

There’s no way to make traveling to and setting up at a trade show or commercial event easy and worry-free, but you can certainly simplify the process with the right visuals and accessories. Choosing smart, lightweight and compact visuals can even reduce your shipping and transportation costs! Get in touch with us today to talk about your needs.

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