Welcome Winter with All-Weather Visuals

I’m a winter person. You either hate it or you love it, I think. But usually I have snow in mind when I think of winter – and so far it’s been mostly rain here in Connecticut. Dark, dreary rain to soak you to the bone while you’re Christmas shopping or running errands.

When it’s so dark and wet out, I often notice the shops and restaurants that put some effort into their outdoor marketing. It takes the right kind of visual to stand out in that setting, and something sturdy enough to take whatever winter dishes out in terms of weather. Even if it’s an outdoor event you’re attending, having some all-weather visuals will boost your wow factor, and it doesn’t have to cost more than shopping for an indoor event. Here are some outdoor/weather ready visuals we offer to spruce things up this season:

Outdoor Table Covers

Outdoor table cover - customThese hardy table covers give you the look of traditional polyester table covers, like you’d see at any trade show, but with the sturdiness of professional grade canopy fabric. We offer these outdoor event table covers in custom printed or non-printed versions, and a huge range of colors so you can pick exactly what you want for your event. Both types of table cover are meant to stand up to the elements, even in winter: they’re mildew resistant, liquid repellant, flame retardant and UV resistant.

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Roll Up BannerYou have a lot of options in this category, and they’re all made to last even in bad weather. Looking for something mobile and convenient? Try our roll up banners. We offer two that are made for outdoor use: our super-affordable Economy Vinyl Roll Up, and the Outdoor Roll Up Banner, which comes with a sturdy base for any flat surface (even snow) and is flexible to bend with the wind instead of fighting it! If you’re in the market for something more permanent (and/or horizontal) check out our range of vinyl banners, all heavy-duty to last through outdoor use.

Outdoor Carpets & Mats

Super Scrape Outdoor MatThese serve two purposes: they look great and also keep your space clean, whether you’re at an event or in your store. The rain and snow can certainly make surfaces slippery and very muddy, but the right outdoor mat will handle that and keep your entrance looking professional and presentable. We have 7 different mats that we recommend for outdoor use: browse them here. If you’re looking for something super customizable, consider the Custom Berber, which lets you choose the custom graphic AND shape!

And why stop there? We have many, many more visuals that are suitable for outdoor use, and can help you market your business even in this weather. Browse our Outdoor Collection for more ideas, and get in touch if you have something specific in mind – you can email us here, call (800) 980-6871, or use our Live Chat feature from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST!

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