Wrapping up 2014: From MVP to You

Hard to believe it’s almost here: 2015. In less than two weeks we’ll be waving goodbye to 2014, a year that brought great things here at MVP Visuals. Hopefully it will be a fond wave goodbye from your business as well, for a productive and busy year.

For us, 2014 has been a year with lots of new, exciting developments. We’ve added new features, new products, and new content to our website, all in the hopes of helping customers like you. Our new Company Shop feature is discussed at length in last week’s blog post. We’ve worked hard to include new educational and informational content to make things easier, and instated new policies and guarantees to make sure you’re getting only the best service. Check out these new additions for 2014:

New Custom Visuals for Tight Budgets

Shape Cut Roll Up BannerMVP Visuals is definitely in the business of providing affordable visuals that can get you a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to marketing, whether it’s at an event or outside your store. This year we’ve specifically added economy visuals that offer you all the customization of a high-end product, but fit into modest budgets. We’d recommend checking out our shape cut roll up banner, SPLASH custom tent, and economy vinyl roll up banner for a taste of what’s new!

Timely Guarantee

On Time GuaranteeWe’ve always focused on having super-fast turnaround times and clear production timelines, to help you figure out when your visuals will arrive. But since we know how important it is to have those visuals when you need them, this year we’ve added our On Time or It’s Free Guarantee. You pick the date you need to receive your order, and we guarantee it will arrive by then, or we’ll refund you 100%. Watch this video for details.

Human Guarantee

No Robot PolicyWhen you have questions, you don’t want to reach a machine or an automated responder. We’ve put in place our No Robot Policy so you can rest easy that you’ll always reach a human during business hours. If you don’t, our guarantee means you’ll get $25 off your next order.

Helpful Content

We know it can be tricky to decide on which visuals you want from looking at a photo online. To help with that, we have many videos that offer a close-up look or how-to assembly lesson for the product you’re considering. We also have videos that help you put together your images, understand design terms, and figure out the custom printing and ordering process. And if you need more in-depth details, we have a great new eBook about preparing your logo for printing!

We expect to add lots more in 2015 to improve your customer experience – including a new series of informational videos! Our goal is always to help you get exactly what you need for your event, within a budget that fits your business. Have any questions? Get in touch with us today to talk details!

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