Test It at a Trade Show: Samples and Product Demos

It seems like every day we read about another thing trade show visitors really want from your booth: touch screens, prize wheels, expensive electronics. But beyond new technology and the giveaway gimmicks (not that we don’t love gimmicks), there is a tried and true rule of thumb that always works, and will continue to work: putting your product or service on display for event-goers to interact with.

Almost every trade show experience poll or study comes back with the same answer – what visitors really want is to interact with what your business offers. If you sell food or beverages, nobody wants to hear about it: they want to try it! If your product does something, demonstrate it! If you offer a service that people can try out in your booth, go for it! All of these things will make you instantly more memorable for trade show visitors, since they’ll have an experience to remember rather than just a branded pen or stress ball (please tell me you’re not still giving out branded stress balls).

Samples and Trials

Merchandise displayThese are, of course, popular at food and beverage shows and expositions. But we think this idea would work for almost any business! Putting your products on display is great, so visitors can see them up close. But what’s even better? Put them in the hands of anyone who stops by, so they can touch, feel and try them out. If your products are small and you can afford it, give them samples to take home with them – nothing creates goodwill like a freebie. We’d recommend using our many different types of merchandise displays to show off your goods – and then lay a few out on the table so visitors know they can get involved!


Shape cut banner sampleFor many businesses, products are too big, too costly, or too custom to give away at a trade show. However, this doesn’t mean you should leave them home. We’re a great example of this here at MVP Visuals; we couldn’t possibly bring all our products to an event, and many are too big anyways. But we can show interested event-goers prototypes of the custom visuals we offer, so they can look at a custom printed table cover up close, or get a look at our shape cut banners in person. You’ll be able to show visitors the quality of your work and your materials, so they have faith in your ability to create something custom for their needs.


product demoProduct demos are great if you have the kind of product that visitors can’t really try out themselves or take home. Demonstrating your products can draw in many visitors since people will stop by to see what others are watching. You’ll be in control of how event-goers first see and experience what you have to offer.

What visuals do you need to help show off your samples and demos? Browse our webshop and get in touch with any questions you have!

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