Cover Up: Choosing the Table Cover that Fits Your Style

Table covers are an essential part of any trade show display or event booth. Since your table is typically right out in front, the table cover you choose could even be the first thing that visitors see when they approach your space. How can you be sure that your table cover fits your brand and your booth’s design style?

The good news is that your options are many – very many. At MVP Visuals, all of our table covers are affordable even on a tight budget, and customization is the name of the game. Whether you want loose fitting fabric or stretch, all over print or front panel only, small or large, we have enough options to fit any taste and accommodate any budget. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

If your display is…

Sophisticated and Simple

stretch mural table coverWe recommend our stretchy spandex table covers to complement a pared down, minimalistic style, to make your booth sophisticated and professional. All our printed stretch table covers are customized with a full dye sublimation print, which means you can print all over in high-def images that are the same quality as photos. And the tight fit (snug around the table top and then stretching down the table legs) guarantees a modern, clean look that goes great with any brand or business. Our most affordable custom stretch table cover is the stretch mural table cover, which starts at only $159. If you’re not looking for a custom print, you can get one for as low as $25!

If your display is…

Bright and Bold

all over print table coverWe’d suggest an all-over print for your table cover, in colors that will really stand out. Check out our all over print polyester table cover if this is what you have in mind – the print quality is second to none and you won’t be limited in terms of color, since you can choose from over 70 fabric colors, and unlimited dye colors. But that’s not your only option; we also carry a range of all over print outdoor table covers, so your table will look great even at outside events that might have bad weather.

If your display is…

Classic and Traditional

recycled front panel print table coverA front panel print is the classic, simple look that many have come to expect for trade show displays. You can keep this very professional look with either a front panel print table cover, or a custom printed table skirt. Both options are tried-and-true trade show classics. The other bonus is that these classics are very economical, since you can get a polyester front panel print table cover starting at just $66! We also offer the front panel print covers in fabrics that are flame retardant, liquid repellent, and even made of recycled materials. Our printed table skirts can also be purchased in flame retardant fabric and fabric made of recycled materials.

Whatever look your decide on for your table cover and for your whole display, we have everything you need, for a price that fits your budget. Get in touch today to talk about your options!

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