How to Get Your Marketing Heard During the Holidays

The holiday season is essentially upon us – Thanksgiving is next week, and everyone has family, gifts, get-togethers and food on their minds. If your business sells products or services that make good gifts, you have your work cut out for you in marketing those, when all other businesses are also pushing their hardest for that holiday sales boom. If your business doesn’t tie in with the holiday gift buying season, then your usual marketing efforts might have trouble cutting through the Christmas sales buzz.

saleThere are steps you can take to make sure that all your marketing efforts are maximized, and that you’re reaching as many leads as possible with what you have to offer. Everything from timing to messaging can affect your ability to cut through the media blitz that is the holiday season these days. Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction:

Size Up the Competition

Whether you like it or not, your competition does have something to do with your sales. Rather than ignore them, why not take a peek at what they’re up to? We wouldn’t suggest copying their ideas, but you can identify things that they’re not addressing or doing, and do them yourself! Are they only offering sales on weekends? Lure in those weekday after-work shoppers with a great discount. What do you do that they don’t? Focus on that in your marketing and you’ll show shoppers that you can meet a need that the competition can’t. And you won’t even need to mention them by name!

Get Your Timing Right

calendarTiming is so incredibly important around the holidays. You can email out the best offer ever, but if you send it on Thanksgiving or the night before, few people will be checking their inboxes. Think about Thanksgiving at your house, or when you’re traveling to someone else’s place – you barely have time to brown the stuffing, let alone look at email offers or check social media for deals. And unless you have some amazing last minute deal to offer, you’re unlikely to get much from a just-before-Christmas email. Weekends aren’t totally off-limits, but many people will be out shopping or visiting family.

Keep Watching the Clock

bow flagsFrom November, people are constantly counting down to Christmas, and watching specific dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You should be too! Brick and mortar businesses should take advantage of increased crowds in the area by putting out banner blades or other outdoor banners to pull in foot traffic. If your selling is done online, publicize a great Cyber Monday discount or freebie (hint: we’ve got one here at MVP Visuals!) to bring in leads you haven’t seen before.

The holidays can definitely be a tricky time to market your business, no matter what you’re selling. But with the right visuals, deals, timing and messaging, you can reach the people who want or need what you have to offer! Get in touch with us for custom visuals that will impress all who pass by your space this season.

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