Friendly Event Faces: Staffing Your Trade Show Booth

We all put a lot of energy into the event display itself – choosing just the right visuals, customizing with great graphics, and perfecting the best layout. And those things are definitely important, since a first impression is often all you get. But once your great visuals tempt event-goers in for a closer look, do you have the friendly, engaging staff needed to make a connection?

Staffing your trade show or event booth can be tricky, we know. Small businesses in particular often struggle, since getting your staff into the booth means taking them out of the office, and spreading things a bit thin! Often it’s the owner or manager that stands behind the event table. And those long hours can leave your booth staff weary and worn out. Today, we’ve put together a few tips to help with the difficulties of trade show staffing:

Rotate within Reason

Trade show staffObviously if the trade show or event is across the country from your home base, it’s not practical to rotate staff between your booth and your business. But if you’re exhibiting at a long event that’s within driving distance of headquarters, consider rotating staff to a certain degree, to keep staff fresh and enthusiastic. It’s easy for booth workers to get frustrated after a day of watching people walk by. New faces will help you make more connections at the event with other businesses, as well.

Our advice for making sure transitions are smooth? Keep one booth worker consistently throughout the event, to maintain a constant presence and help new workers ease into the routine.

Design for Comfort

We all want the snazziest trade show booth, but it’s important to think practically and take staff comfort into account when you’re designing your event space. There are many steps you can take to create a layout that suits aesthetics and weary staff as well.

Director's ChairWe’d recommend including chairs so that workers can rest and not stand all day – but ideally you want custom branded chairs, so they’re adding to your display and not taking away from it. Our Director’s Chair is perfect for this – comfortable and collapsible, this chair allows you to print your logo or image on the front, back or both, and even has arm rests. They come in standard and tall heights, so you can be at table height or standing height, depending on your booth set up.

Staff-Friendly Flooring

Custom Flex FloorTired feet and sore backs from standing for long hours can definitely lead to very unhappy staff at any event. Choose a cushy carpet so your staff aren’t standing on hard cement all day. Or, opt for our many Flex Floor options – slightly springy, cushioned flooring to reduce foot fatigue and strain from standing. Your staff will thank you!

Whatever you decide for staffing, we have the visuals, furniture and flooring to keep them happy! Get in touch for a custom quote, or to talk about questions and specs.

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