Marketing Lessons for Your Whole Team

Unless you’re a one-man show, business is a group effort. Everyone in the office has a role to play, and their own space to work in. Marketing is responsible for reaching new people, and convincing leads and customers to purchase; customer service helps out current buyers and solves problems; management creates direction and momentum for the team as a whole. But sometimes, the parts of the whole can seem a little too separate.

We’re big believers in getting everybody on the same page! In many businesses, it can be easy for other parts of the team to point the finger at marketing if sales are down, or growth is flat. And of course, it’s true that marketing needs to bring in new faces to keep business booming. But all members of the team, whether administrative or customer facing, can take part in moving the numbers up. We’ve put together some tips from the world of marketing that can help everyone in your office, from the interns to the managers!

Get Personal

Mad menIn the Mad Men era of marketing, it was all outbound – i.e. reaching huge groups of people with an ad designed to woo them all. Nowadays, we know that inbound is almost always better, since people want to interact with targeted marketing, engage with your brand, and feel like you’re talking to their needs specifically.

The lesson for everyone on your team? Get personal in your interactions with customers. This keeps it from feeling like a one-sided transaction when they call and leave a message, or order online. Send a personalized email confirmation, target emails to their specific tastes, and make sure that your business representatives all know how to engage with customers. Management should be incorporating time and funds for one-on-one interactions across the board.

Don’t Be a Robot

No Robot PolicyOne thing we’ve learned since entering the era of social media is that people love when brands and businesses become more human. For customers, it’s priceless when they can put a face with a name when it comes to staff and owners, and hear a real human voice on the phone when they call with questions. Here at MVP Visuals, we’ve never relied on automation in our customer service, so creating our No Robot Policy was a no-brainer – we guarantee you’ll reach a real person when you call during business hours, or you get $25 off your next order.

Focus on Pain Points

Pain PointsFor years, marketers have been focused on pain points – the problems of customers that the business can solve with a product or service. But that’s not enough! Managers should have the pain points of their target customers in mind when setting priorities, planning strategically, and even considering new offerings. Everyone from top to bottom should have pain points on their radar, so they can best serve customers and the business’s bottom line.

The training term ‘level set’ essentially means making sure that everyone in your office is on the same page in all things – and this might take some extra training and development moves on your part. But the results (happy customers, better sales) will be well worth the effort!

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