Custom Shape Visuals to Show Off Your Unique Designs

It can certainly be hard to stand out at an event or trade show, when everyone has their best visuals out in front. Banners are everywhere, custom printed table covers are covering every surface, and big, bold graphics demand attention from every angle. As a trade show visitor, it can be overwhelming – but as a trade show exhibitor, it can be the kiss of death!

So the question is, how can you make sure that your visuals stand out in comparison to all the others? Whether it’s a trade show, a concert, a fair or community event, you still need to get noticed! Our suggestion? Choose visuals that aren’t just customized in terms of graphics, but also in terms of shape!

Shape cut roll up bannerCustom shaped visuals aren’t the norm – typically banners, carpets, clings and flags are rectangular and very regular. If you choose visuals that are customized to be in the shape of your logo, your image, or your design, those visuals will instantly look more unique and original. Not to mention the extra attention they’ll draw to your clever logo design or image!

Here at MVP Visuals, we know that true customization is the key to happy customers – and happy customers who stand out at their events! Here are our top suggestions for shaped visuals:

Brand New – Shape Cut Roll Up Banner

Shape cut bannerThis is our newest product offering, and one we’re very excited about for obvious reasons. The Shape Cut Roll Up Banner is an easy to set up, retractable banner that you can take around with you to all your events, or set up at your shop, office or restaurant. Like our Economy Roll Up, this banner is a single-sided print on PVC, so you can keep costs down and still get exactly what you want. With a matte finish, this banner will look as good indoors (under lights) as it does outside. Sometimes it pays to stay simple, but not when it comes to a custom-shaped roll up banner; we recommend choosing a design and a shape that will get noticed right away.

Custom Shape Carpets and Mats

Custom DigiPrint HDWhether it’s for your brick-and-mortar location, or your next big industry event, custom flooring is an important element. You can use it to welcome visitors, brand your space, and keep your area neat and clean. And what goes better with a custom print than a custom shape as well? Our Custom Berber mat is an eco-friendly and eye-catching mat that will keep dirt and mud out of your event space or business, and you can design whatever shape you’d like!  If you’re more interested in high quality printed visuals, check out our Custom Shape DigiPrint HD. This carpet is available in any shape you want, and offers photo-quality printed images.

Have other custom shape visuals in mind? We also offer clings and decals in custom shapes, and are happy to work with you on customizing the visuals you have in mind. Just get in touch and we’ll get the process started!


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