Frame Your Space: Designing an Event Booth with Big Impact

Obviously there are a lot of important elements that go into a great trade show booth or event display: the right staff, the right layout, the right branding. The visuals you choose to bring with you to an event will say a lot to attendees, and for a lot of them, that might be all you get to say! Creating a positive impression only takes a few seconds, and that is often all you’ll get as they walk past.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the most important visual element for most displays isn’t what’s out in front – it’s what backs your display and clearly defines your space. Some exhibitors might skimp on backdrops, leaving it open or not branding on that space. Budgets are tight these days, I know, but this isn’t a space you want to leave up for interpretation.

Make a Statement

trade show boothYour table cover is right out where people will see it; maybe you have a banner in front as well. That’s great! But you’re using your whole space, and you can get all the impact of a banner by carefully designing and branding a high-impact backdrop for your booth. The right backdrop can be seen from across the room, and grabs the attention of those walking by. Obviously, bright colors are a good way to get noticed – check out our post about using color right for some tips. But it’s also key to show off your business name and logo in a big, big way. Less is definitely not more, here. If your business has a designer that you like to work with, see what they can come up with to help you stand out.

Invest in Impact

Expand MediaWallWe all want to spend frugally and save money, but there are certain elements of your display that are worth paying for. Since the backdrop to your booth is so important, it might be worth arranging your visuals/trade show setup budget around the backdrop, as opposed to seeing what you can scrape together after you have bought everything else. Our higher-end recommendations? Check out the Expand MediaWall or Triga Wall to really elevate your booth to the next level. These walls are designed to be noticed, with great style and eye-catching, high quality graphics. Stretch fabric with tension gives these backdrops a sharp look. You can even get your entire booth from Triga for a show-stopping look.

Save in Style

Fabric pop upIf your budget is tight, you can definitely still get a good-looking backdrop that will highlight your brand and logo. Money isn’t the most important factor – it’s what you do with it! Our Fabric Pop Up can serve as a great back wall, and will give you high quality graphics at a great price. You can also take that trade show classic, the pipe and drape system, to the next level by customizing with your own logo! Just make sure your logo is printed large enough to see from a distance, and don't be shy about using bright colors.

No matter what your budget is, MVP Visuals has all the options you need to get a great deal and still turn heads at your next trade show or event. Get in touch for a quote or to talk details!

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