Raise Your Profile with Community Giving and Event Planning

Family eventWhen you deal with a customer, there are many things you can do to make sure they walk away with a positive impression of your business. Good customer service, timely delivery, and special offers are just a few of the ways that we at MVP Visuals show our customers that we appreciate them. But how can you help create a great impression and generate lots of positive feelings in those people who have never purchased from your business or used your services?

That's where community giving and community events come in. Obviously, holding a benefit event for a great charity, or sponsoring a great cause, is going to be its own reward, since you're supporting your community by contributing to the larger area. But there are, undeniably, marketing benefits to reap as well! Attaching your brand name to a community event or charity drive will raise your profile, exposing new people to your business and encouraging them to see you in a positive light. And next time they need a product or service you provide, they might turn to you!

Sponsoring an Event

Sponsor recognition signSponsorships are a great way to support a community event AND ensure that you get a little cut of the publicity. Most established events (festivals, fairs, concerts, block parties, fundraisers, etc.) will provide you with details of exactly how they'll publicize you as a supporter. Often there are different levels of support, which come with different levels of recognition. It could include your logo on ads, your name in the program or schedule, or your banner hung for all to see at the event. Just make sure you iron out these details well in advance, or you may get less recognition than you were expecting. 

Holding Your Own Event

food driveIf you have the time and manpower, hosting your own event for a good cause can be a great move. The obvious benefit of this is that you get top billing, so you won't have to worry about being sufficiently publicized as a sponsor. But it's also a lot of work, and the benefit to you in terms of publicity will really depend on you – on how well you can generate press for your event, and then how well your event goes! Choose your cause wisely – it doesn't have to relate to your industry or business, but obviously choosing something relevant to your community is important. Do research to make sure your charity and event won't conflict with similar pushes in the community, since you don't want to run a canned food drive when the shelter in your town is running one too!

Think carefully about the visuals you’ll need to create a great looking event, and also the banners or flags you'll need to highlight your logo and business name. When you've had a look around our webshop, get in touch and let us know what you need!

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