Stop Traffic: Visuals to Reach the Roadside

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, then foot traffic and road traffic are important for you. Flagging down these types of traffic can bring a big boost to your sales figures – and it also introduces you to a whole new group of customers who could, with the right care and attention, become loyal repeat customers! But even businesses that don’t have a physical location for customers to enter can benefit from roadside marketing, since it’s an easy and cost-effective way to get your brand in front of hundreds – or even thousands – of people driving past that spot.

RoadsFinding locations for your visuals can be tricky – you’ll need to ask the right people about the right places. Obviously, the busier the roadway, the more drivers you’ll reach with your branded visuals. Main roads are a smart choice, but beware of roads where people drive relatively fast, like highways between town centers. If they’re whizzing by your visuals, they might not even get your name. Look instead for intersections where cars might have to wait on those main roads – stop lights, 4 way stops, etc. Waiting at a red light is pretty boring for drivers (you know what it’s like), so your visuals are likely to get noticed. Here are a few suggestions of visuals that work well for roadside attention-grabbers:

Banner Blades

Banner bladesAlso known as bow flags, banner blades come in many styles and sizes to suit your needs. Obviously if you’re targeting traffic, big is better! For this purpose, you could definitely use our Flying Style Banner Blades, which reach to almost 18 feet tall. You can choose to print on one or both sides (get traffic going in both directions!), and the blades come in 4 styles: angled, straight, concave or convex.  Since you’ll be reaching people who don’t have much, if any, time to read your message, keep it simple: your logo with your business name, and perhaps a word or two that explains what you do – like “MVP VISUALS: High Quality Marketing Visuals.”

Vertical Flags

Vertical flagsThese are essentially very similar to the banner blades, but have a more traditional, classic style since they’re rectangular. Our regular vertical flags reach up to almost 15 feet, but if you want to go higher, check out our Expand FlagStand XL to shoot up to 18 feet! For added stability, the Expand FlagStand comes with your choice of either weighted plates or water bags, specially designed to secure the 4 reinforced legs that make up the base of this flag stand. If you want to weight the regular vertical flags, add a weighted bag – think very heavy donut – to your order.

We also have a huge range of horizontal outdoor banners in mesh or vinyl, so if you have the right location (like a fence or building) you can stretch that across and get noticed! Whatever you decide on, we hope you’ll let us know how we can help get you exactly what you’re picturing for your business.

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