Event Planning Visuals: Making Room for the Worst Case Scenario

The more events and trade shows you’ve been to, the more disasters, accidents, spills, tears, space issues and lost essentials you’ve probably had. Getting your team and your display to an event is a big process and usually a rushed one, and anything that can go wrong probably will at some point or another. You can make trade show setup and event planning a little calmer by keeping an eye out for the worst case scenarios for each step, and planning ahead with a solution.

Adjustable Visuals for Space Issues

Trade showWe’ve all been in that tight spot – you arrive at an event to a lot less space than you discussed, or they’ve overbooked and everyone is squished. Or the reverse – you have more space and can really stretch out! Whatever the case, if your visuals aren’t adjustable, you’re not going to be able to roll with the punches.

Of course you don’t have to have all adjustable visuals, since things like vertical banners, flags and small carpets will work in any space. But some display essentials work best with a little flexibility. If you use custom drapes to layout your space, we’d definitely recommend getting two flexible elements for your pipe and drape system: adjustable uprights and telescopic drape supports. We also have upright extensions for going taller if you want to have the option! We also offer adjustable banner stands, vertical roll up banners, and tents.

Fix-it Supplies for the Essentials

Duct tapeThis is common sense that goes for a lot of things in life, but if you can’t live without it, you probably shouldn’t leave home (or the office) without a backup for it, or at least a way to repair it. We know it’s not practical to bring two of everything to your events and tradeshows, but think about the things you would be in big trouble without, and consider a backup for the essentials. Then, make sure you have supplies to make repairs and patch things up as needed – duct tape for torn grommets, a needle and thread for fabric banners or table covers that might tear, screws, nails, a drill, more duct tape, etc.

Flexible Furniture for Your Space

Instant trade show tableOnce you’ve got your visuals safely in place, getting your trade show display furniture in order is critical. If you have an 8 foot table in a crowded space, or a cocktail table that is too low, the whole space is going to look strange. We offer cocktail tables that adjust to many heights, so you can have exactly what your environment requires. Our Instant Trade Show Table is very, very adjustable – you can extend the table top size with a leaf kit, and it adjusts to three different heights. With extras and add-ons you can even make shelves, counters, and display spaces. Figure out the layout that works best when you’ve seen the space!

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