SoLoMo: What It is and Why You Need It

There’s a buzzword that’s been going around the marketing world for the last few years, and it’s just getting more important month after month. It’s not that the word is particularly groundbreaking – it’s what it represents for small business marketers in terms of strategy.

SoLoMo is a shortened form of the 3 essentials necessary for marketing your small business: Social, Local and Mobile. It’s certainly a silly word, but what it stands for is smart strategy for any business looking to stay current and use modern technology to reach the largest possible audience. Let’s break it down:


FacebookIn general, social marketing refers to your use of social media to increase things like brand loyalty, customer engagement, demographic reach and, of course, sales. For most small business marketers, this means using Facebook and Twitter to post content related to your business – sales, offers, news, events, etc.

To keep it brief, our advice on getting social right for your small business comes down to two things: a) create a Google+ page for your business and keep it updated with photos and news, and b) use the 80-20 rule to make sure that social media users feel like you’re contributing more than just sales pitches to their news feed. Want more info about the different social channels out there for businesses? Check out this blog post.


There are the reliable, trusted community-based ways of reaching potential customers: sponsoring local events, placing local ads in newsprint or on radio, making sure you’re listed in local directories of shops, restaurants, law offices, or etc. These things are all smart moves for drawing on the community, which is really your most vital asset.

Foursquare couponThe second way to get very local is with technology that specifically deals with location. The most obvious and well-known example of this is Four Square, an app that allows users to ‘check in’ at a certain location or business. The beauty of apps like these is that they enable you to deliver a special offer or discount coupon right to the person checking in, to reward them for engaging with your brand. And then next time they walk by your store, they could receive a second coupon or offer just for them!


ShowroomingObviously an app like Four square is an easy way to segue into mobile marketing. Firstly and most importantly, you need to have a website that works well on mobile platforms – whether it’s responsive design or a purpose-built mobile site. Next comes marketing opportunities that arise when you think of how often your customers are using their phones. “Showrooming” is the term for what many of us do now in a store: checking out the product online to compare prices, read reviews, etc. before we decide whether or not to purchase. It’s such a valuable opportunity to hit those customers with a $5 off coupon, or a BOGO offer, to convince them.

Essentially, SoLoMo is a list of the top priorities for marketing in the twenty-first century. The key is connecting the three for maximum impact and, hopefully, increased sales. We hope you’ll get in touch with questions, and count on us for your local marketing visuals!

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