Identify Yourself: Showing off a Great Logo

Anyone who's even been in a band knows that there's no more important step than naming the band. And probably nothing more likely to be argued about. If your business has a name, then, the good news is that the hardest part is over! But your logo is the next step, and an important one, too.

eBookIf you haven't designed a logo for your business yet, you should definitely check out our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Logo & Preparing Artwork For Printing. It covers fonts, colors and image types, so you'll have all the tools you need to get it right. 

Already have a logo? Great! Are you really getting as much mileage out of it as you'd hoped? Some businesses and brands put their logo on the store sign, or website home page, and think their work is done. But if you've worked so hard to perfect a logo that represents your brand and everything you do, you should be putting it everywhere! Think of all the spaces you have at your business, in your community, at events and at trade shows to really show off that artwork. Visitors and potential customers want to see you, and you'll be giving them an image to remember and recognize you by.

Great ways to display your logo:

Customize vinyl decals with your logo. Here at MVP Visuals we offer very affordable vinyl decals to help you get your logo everywhere! These can be used to brand your car, your employees' cars, delivery boxes, your event equipment - anything really. 

Use custom retail and merchandise displays, instead of generic ones. Make your store or market memorable and unique with your own design and colors, and your logo front and center for shoppers to see! Even your signs for store navigation and sales can be improved with your logo. Coordinate colors throughout to match and accent your logo colors.

table coverGo big for event visuals when it comes to your logo – this is not the place to be modest or low-key. Is your table the centerpiece of your trade show booth or event display? Your table cover should either have your logo front and center with a custom front panel print, or on many sides with an all over print. Don't just stick with basics and mute colors - go for what matches your logo!

Use banners and flags to make sure your logo is visible from important pedestrian ways and roads. Try banner blades (also called bow flags) for outside your space to draw in passersby, and outdoor-strength vinyl banners and light pole banners to make an impact outside.

custom carpetAnd the one thing every store, restaurant, hotel and brick-and-mortar business needs: a carpet or mat to welcome visitors, customized with your logo. This is essential for creating an inviting, clearly branded entrance for your space, but also essential for practical reasons; a carpet or mat will help keep your space clean, neat and dry.


Need any of these items to show off your logo? Or have other ideas? Shop around our webshop for great variety and great prices, and then get in touch with questions!

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