Trade Show Tips from Your Favorite Halloween Traditions

Halloween is exactly two weeks away – so if you have kids, plans are already well under way for the best (or scariest, or funniest) costumer ever to parade through the neighborhood. If you don’t have kids, you’ve probably put Halloween candy on your grocery shopping list so you’re prepared for October 31st. For many people, Halloween is quite a big deal. I’m definitely one of those people.

There are a lot of good things about Halloween, no matter what age you are: free candy, crazy costumes, and scary decorations. But what does this have to do with trade shows and events, you’re asking? Allow me to present 3 vital tips for your next trade show or marketing event, gleaned from my many years of experience as a trick-or-treating enthusiast.

Give Out the Best Candy

CandyThis is rule #1 if you want to be the cool parents on the block – and it translates directly to trade show presence. Of course, you don’t have to give out candy, but you should be giving out something that people want! Pens and keychains are standard fare and certainly work just fine, but if you want to create the kind of buzz that has all the kids (sorry, I mean event-goers) scampering to your booth, think bigger: flashlights, mugs, apparel, and hats are good, or you could even give out big ticket items in a prize-wheel competition. Depending on what your product or service is, coupons and vouchers can also work. And of course, candy is a safe bet!

Dress Up

Trade show suitAnother Halloween essential – the right wardrobe. But put aside your superhero fantasies, and dress for the great first impression you want to give everyone who stops by your booth or display. Professional and sophisticated is a good vibe to go for, and will help you show off your brand and not your clothes. But if your brand is a bit more playful, you could certainly throw in a statement tie or unusual item that helps you fit your booth or your brand colors. It could even be a conversation starter – where’d you get those orange socks from?

When Decorating, More is More

Halloween decorationsThink about the houses that stand out in your neighborhood in October – they’re not playing it safe. They’ve got the fake cobwebs, creepy lights, and bats in all the windows. Trade shows and events are busy, cluttered spaces and you need to stand out, so don’t stick with simple. You’ll need the essentials like a table, backdrop, drapes and flooring, but you can really amp up your booth’s appearance with visuals like banners, bow flags, and Triga structures.

When you’ve had time to plan out exactly what your business needs to wow visitors at all your events, we hope you’ll get in touch and let us know what you have in mind! Our webshop is full of great visuals that will make an impression, no matter what the season.

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