Finding the Social Media Platform that’s Right for Your Business

Just about everyone in the marketing world has now accepted that social media is a part of doing business these days. Whatever your personal views are on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, it’s hard to argue with the important role that social media plays in most people’s daily lives. And since that definitely includes your customer base and potential leads as well, you can’t afford to turn your nose up at it. But where should you devote your social networking energies?

social mediaThere are many, many social media platforms that businesses can use to reach new audiences and build loyalty among existing audiences. For some businesses, maintaining a Facebook Page is all they have time for; for others, regular tweeting and photo sharing might be part of the strategy. We’ll be laying out the most popular options here, and discussing what they’re good for, so you can make your own choice about what fits your business, your brand, and your time!


This is The Big One for most businesses, and rightly so. This platform has 1.32 billion users, so it’s here to stay and will probably remain a big focus for all generations. Facebook is super easy to use, and supports all types of content sharing – photos, videos, text, links to your site, blogs, etc. If you have to choose one platform to reach the most people, this is it.


This is arguably the most important platform for SEO purposes. Google+ hasn’t gained much momentum as a true social networking site, but it’s invaluable for businesses who want to be seen (and searched for) online. This is because your business’s Google+ page is what determines that small preview that shows up with images, a map, and vital info like address and opening hours. If you aren’t managing your Google+ page, this info won’t be complete, and you won’t have control over what images show up.


Twitter is particularly good for networking within your community if you’re a local business, or networking within your industry if you’re an eCommerce or B2B company. You should use it as much for connecting with others as for broadcasting your own message. It’s also a great way to share your other content, like blogs, Facebook posts, offers, etc.


Here we get into territory that might not be a great fit for every business. Instagram is a fun way to share photos and short videos, so if your products or services are conducive to visual content, go for it!


This also falls under the not-for-everyone category. If you are in an industry that lends itself to good visuals, then Pinterest is an easy way to get your images noticed, and network at the same time.


LinkedIn now offers company pages, and they’re a good move for just about everyone in any business. You can post updates about your business, and your employees will be able to link to your page as their employer.

Obviously these are just the greatest hits – and who knows what platforms are coming next! Evaluate your time, your priorities, and your marketing style, and choose the social media channel(s) that make the most sense for you.

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