Seasonal Store Décor to Freshen Up Your Fall Visuals

If you’re like most business owners, your space has very static décor that stays up year-round and doesn’t change much. And there’s nothing wrong with that – no doubt you’ve found the visuals and colors that work best for your space, and it makes sense to stick with what works. But if you are starting to feel like an update is needed…allow us to recommend seasonal or timely additions to your décor!

Fall decorThere are many reasons that season displays and decorations are popular in brick-and-mortar business spaces, whether it’s a retail store, restaurant, hotel, or office. As long as you stay current with the calendar, your display will always be on-trend and appeal to your customers. It also saves you from having to come up with a brand new decorating scheme every few months – instead you can keep your basic design and brand visuals, and then rotate through accent pieces that celebrate the season or upcoming holiday.

Think Seasonal for Fall

You’ve probably seen seasonal displays and décor most commonly in stores, since they’re often selling items to fit the season – candy and costumes for Halloween, sunglasses and swimsuits for summer, etc. But these timely visuals can work just as well in other types of businesses, even if your products and services don’t tie in with the season or holiday.

Fall window displayDecorating for fall is easy; small gourds, chrysanthemums, pumpkins, and faux leaves can brighten up your space. You can also decorate for specific holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, but only if it makes sense for your brand/business. For example, a law office or financial planner probably shouldn’t hang the office with fake spider webs and bats – but those decorations for a bookstore or funky bar would work great. Think about your audience and moderate your plans accordingly.

Decorate with Non-Permanent Visuals

Here at MVP Visuals, most of our visuals are meant for long-term use because they’re so durable and high quality. However, we also offer many visuals and items that are ideal for short-term decorating of the seasonal variety. These make a great way to advertise any seasonal or holiday sales and offers you’re running, since they’re inexpensive but make a big impression.

Valentine's Day decorWe offer two types of clings – window clings and floor clings – to help you advertise and decorate within your space. These are an economical way not only to dress up your open spaces but also to draw attention to limited-time-only offers. Keep the colors and images on theme for the season or holiday, and you’ll have plenty of space to include text and get your message across.

Almost all of our merchandise and retail displays are fully customizable, so you can get exactly what your store needs for functionality and for themed decoration. Our merchandise displays show off your products and keep your space organized, while retail displays can offer you those statement decoration pieces that get noticed right away.

Whatever it is you need, and for whatever season or holiday – we want to make it happen! Our focus is on high quality, budget friendly visuals that will make the impression you want, so get in touch today to talk about your needs!

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