Carpets and Mats to Dress Up Any Space

We’re certainly sad to see it go, but summer is now officially long gone. Gone are the long days and high temperatures, and with them that perpetual sun we had all gotten used to – we’re already seeing more rain, and in just a few weeks it will be snow! Until then, mud and leaves are the announcers of fall.

How important is cleanliness in a business? It might not be next to godliness like mother says, but you can bet that your customers and clients will notice if your space isn’t neat and tidy. The frontline defense against messes and dirt is a good carpet or mat. The benefits are many, and you’ll be getting your money’s worth every time a customer steps through your door!

Safety First

Waterhog inlayAs a business owner with a brick-and-mortar space, whether office or shop, it’s your responsibility to keep your location safe for visitors. For many of us, this means making sure that floors stay dry and clean, so no one will be slipping or tripping inside. On rainy days, you need to have something in place that will dry your customers’ shoes and absorb water.  To that end, allow us to introduce you to the Waterhog. This super absorbent mat comes in 3 styles – the fully custom printed Waterhog Inlay; the Waterhog Signature, which features your logo in a corner; or the Waterhog Classic, without logo customization. All 3 can absorb up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, and are cleverly designed to clean shoes and then contain the dirt and water.

Spotless Spaces

Floor Impressions Whether you have area carpeting or hard flooring, you need to keep your space looking clean. This will ensure that visitors get the right first impression about your business – very important if you hope to keep them coming back! A carpet or mat in your entrance space will help you keep your entire store, office or business space clean, by collecting dirt, dust and debris in one place. Then, you can easily sweep, vacuum, hose off or steam clean your mat or carpet to keep your entrance space clean too!

Inviting Entrances

plush carpetThe entrance to your business is an important space – one that deserves your time, attention, and yes, a little money. Luckily, custom mats and carpets to welcome customers are very affordable from MVP. These mats give you the opportunity to highlight your logo, branding, or even a message where everyone entering will see it. For super hi-def printing that looks great for images and colors, check out our DigiPrint HD or Grand Impressions mats. If you’re more interested in unusual shapes, consider our Custom Berber or Custom Shape DigiPrint HD mats.

Summer weather may have treated us well for the last few months, but it’s time to consider that fall rains and, soon, winter weather will create new problems of cleanliness and safety for businesses. Get ahead of the game with an eye-catching, custom welcome mat that looks great, works great, and comes at a great price. Get in touch to find out more about our many, many options.

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