3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Event Table

If you’re like me, you’ve been to a lot of events. From festivals and concerts, to fairs and community events, I’ve seen it all. And what I always notice are the businesses and organizations that have only a table to work with, but do so much with it! At many indoor or outdoor events, you might get a full booth space to really set up and make a splash. But it sometimes happens that you just get a table – can you roll with that?

This happens especially for businesses that choose to sponsor an event, like a free community concert or kids’ day. At these types of events, sponsors are typically given a table to use for their display – not a big footprint of space for a tent, or pipe and drape system. I’ve seen businesses and organizations that just spread out a few pamphlets, brochures and business cards and call it a day. But I’ve also seen some seriously eye-catching table displays that have everyone stopping by to get a closer look! Here are some tips to make sure you’re in the latter group, and not the former.

The Perfect Table Cover

front panel printA table cover is really the basis for a great table display, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you just take the plain table cover the event supplies to you, or don’t use any table cover at all, it will be very hard to make a professional first impression. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money either – even our most high-end covers are really economical, and they’ll last you through many, many events. A custom printed table cover with your logo splashed across the front panel, or all over, will definitely attract attention.

Unconventional Colors and Materials

all over table printOf course, we recommend bold colors for your table cover and other visuals – ones that will have heads turning your way. Remember that most other tables will have black or white polyester table covers, so you’ll stand out with anything bright and colorful. Just don’t forget to consider your branding and your logo colors when deciding. Stretch table covers are also a great choice for standing out, since they’re more sleek and stylish.

A Table Top Display

table top signsJust because you only have a table to work with doesn’t mean you can’t set up a big vertical display! Tables are naturally below eye-level for passersby, so anything that stands up on your table is going to draw more attention than visuals that lie flat.  Your options are numerous – check out our 3 Display Panel for a display that shows off your custom visuals in an attractive design, or, for something simple and economical, try our Table Top Sign Displays, which pick your visuals up off the table where people will see them! If you’re displaying any types of products or merchandise, our many merchandise and retail displays will help you display them to look their best.

Once you’ve decided on a look for your table, get in touch so we can make it happen for you – within your budget! We’re happy to help with templates, swatches, prototypes, and anything else you need.

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