Socialize Your Space: Boost Social Media at Your Next Event

There are many benefits you hope and expect to get out of a trade show or event booth: increased exposure, fresh leads, meeting invites, and maybe some new names on your mailing list. But many businesses are missing out on another benefit - the opportunity to promote your social media presence.

Facebook LikeWhile email marketing is still generally more effective than social media marketing, no business can afford to ignore social media. It's a cost effective and relatively simple way to reach people who might be interested in what you do, and also to engage with those who already use your products or services, and those who know your business but haven't made the jump to purchasing.

Why Does it Matter?

While we all want to get more names on the mailing list, there is an advantage to social media leads over those leads that are just an email address on the list: you know more. Think about what you can typically see on a Facebook page – location, relative age, gender, family status, personal interests. Do you know that much about your email marketing targets? When you know more about who your Facebook fans are, you can write posts and share links that would appeal to that type of person, whether it’s middle-aged people in your local community, or millennials across the country that are interested in tech and gadgets. Facebook Insights (their version of analytics) can tell you where your fans are from, how old they are, gender, when they’re online, and more.

 Facebook Insights

How Does it Tie in with Events?

When you’re at a trade show or event, you have the opportunity to interact with brand new people. They’re probably not in communication with your business, and they might not know what you have to offer them. If you can make it easy and beneficial for them to Like your Facebook Page, follow you on Twitter, or check in on Foursquare, they’ll do it. And you’ll immediately have an inexpensive, easy way to communicate with them about what you do, and what you can do for them!

How Does it Work?

It’s up to you how you decide to get the ball rolling, but we’ve got a suggestion for your next event. This is really a classic – offer a small incentive for the person in front of you to Like your Page, follow your Twitter account, etc. This could be a little freebie, a discount coupon, a free starter kit, etc. Since everyone today has a smart phone, the easiest way is for the person to do it on their phone, and then show you the phone to get the reward. If you want to facilitate the process yourself, have a tablet or laptop set up, where visitors can log in and find you on social media.

Want to create some great visuals to advertise your social media presence at your event booth? We have everything you need! Just get in touch to talk details.

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