Rainbow Connection: How Your Color Choices Connect with Customers

When you’re making choices for marketing visuals or event displays, you’re probably pretty focused on one thing: showing off your logo. Though this makes a lot of sense, it’s not the only thing you should be worrying about.

When it’s design time, don’t overlook the emotional and sometimes even subconscious effects your color choices can have. The right colors will help you give off the right vibe for your business and your event space, which could make the difference between a visitor stopping by your booth or walking right past. Here’s a primer in the art of color selection:

Black, White & Gray

These colors are pretty safe choices, but that’s not a bad thing – they’re classic, sophisticated, and professional. You can soften a stark look by choosing creams and ivories instead of full white, and grays are complementary to almost any color. These colors work well as an over-arching design scheme, but also as accents, like white text on a navy background, or black outlines on a light green canvas.


red trade show boothThis is a common choice for the obvious, stop-you-in-your tracks reason: red will get you noticed. We usually associate red with intensity, energy, passion, strength and aggression. Certainly it can be an overwhelming color, so don’t go overboard unless you’re prepared to design everything else around it.


You’ve probably seen a lot of blue in the business world, and especially at events. It’s a color that we associate with stability, trust, reliability, tranquility, and even nature. Those are strong positives, which is why it’s no surprise that businesses choose these colors to give their visitors and customers the right vibe. It’s also very versatile, since you can choose subtle shades like navy or bright, electric blues.


orange trade show displayThis is a shade that is great for highlights and accents, but you don’t have to shy away from using it in a big way, either! Orange gives the impression of warmth, happiness, friendliness and creativity, so it’s particularly good for businesses looking to give off a fun, personal vibe instead of an uber-professional one. It’s a warm, bright color, like red, so be careful not to overwhelm event-goers with it.


Green is a color that feels happy and positive: it’s associated with freshness, safety, nature, and, of course, money! Use it sparingly with other colors or let it saturate your whole color scheme. You’re unlikely to put off anyone with a bold green backdrop or other visual, and the right shades can really stand out.


purple event displayWe usually associate violet (or purple) with royalty and the good things in life, so this is a great one for luxury, high end brands and businesses. It’s also a beautiful accent color, especially if the rest of your palette is mostly blacks and grays.


Last but not least, we have sunny, warm, joyful, cheerful, intelligent yellow. This is a great attention getter in some shades (like that yellow highlighter color!), but can also be very welcoming and inviting, in more mellow shades.


All our visuals come in a huge range of custom colors, and we can match any shade you want! Just get in touch with your requirements and we’ll have exactly the visuals you need to give the right impression at your next event.

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