Good Enough to Eat: Smart Visuals for Restaurants and Cafés

Great visuals are an important part of marketing for any brick and mortar business. But this is especially true for restaurants and cafés, since the competition is often stiff, with so many different venues for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hopefully, your food and drink are so good that you’ve got a steady, loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more.

For many restaurants and cafés, foot traffic also makes up a big part of your clientele. You’ll need to pull in customers off the street if you want to see new faces. Any visual that shows off not just your branding but also what you have to offer hungry patrons is a smart move for food service businesses. You probably know what your best sellers are, and what dishes or drink specials really get people in the door. But how best to promote them? Here are our top 3 suggestions.

Upgrade that Chalk Sandwich Board

banner standIt’s classic, we know – the chalkboard sandwich board out front where you can publicize what you have to offer passersby with rumbling stomachs. But allow us to suggest a new and more eye-catching option: the Outdoor Billboard Banner Stand. This large banner stand will show off your custom banner where no one can miss it, and it’s designed for long term outdoor use so you know it’s durable. Use our 12 oz vinyl banners on each side to reach everyone who passes by, and you’ll be able to print large, tempting photos of your food and drink – instead of trying to draw it in chalk!

For a Limited Time Only

table tentMany restaurants, bars and cafes have seasonal or timely offers that are great for pulling in customers. Whether it’s a pumpkin-spice-something for fall, or a week of two-for-one appetizers, those promos and special offerings are smart marketing. But there’s no point if people don’t know about them! Promote your short term offers with visuals that are high impact but still inexpensive, since you won’t be using them forever. Our suggestions? Window and floor clings, pennant strings, and table tents!

Guide Their Feet

outdoor matWith a restaurant or café, you want to greet people outside your business (so they’ll come on in!), but you also need to keep things nice and clean for those already inside giving you their business! Welcoming mats are a great way to do both jobs. A great looking, custom branded outdoor mat will help you catch the attention of people walking past. It will also help keep your floors or carpeting much cleaner inside! We’d also suggest a cheerful custom printed carpet for inside, particularly if you have a hostess station where customers wait to be seated.

Running a food service business is hard work and long hours – let us help! We can put together great visuals that will help you show off everything you have to offer your customers, and we’ll always work to keep it budget-friendly. Just look around and then get in touch!

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