Build the Buzz: Marketing Your Business Event

When you want to see some new faces and fresh leads in your business, a promotional event is a great way to get those results! Whether it’s a family-friendly Halloween party or a sidewalk tent sale, any special event that draws attention to your brand can pay off in new customers – if you market it right!

Throwing the best community event in the neighborhood won’t get you anywhere unless you’re able to get the word out. Once you have enough buzz to bring people to your event or party, you can impress them with your generosity, your creativity, and maybe even your products or services. But a guaranteed flop is a party with low attendance, so use these tips to get your marketing on track:

Rely on Your Current Customers

CustomersIf you know marketing, than you know there’s nothing quite like word of mouth for getting real results. It’s a fact of life that people are more likely to listen to and trust the advice or recommendations of their friends and family, and less likely to do the same when it’s coming from a direct marketing perspective. Your current customers already know you, like you, and support your business. Make sure they know all about your event, why they should come, and why they should bring their friends along! Perks for referrals are a good way to encourage them without being pushy.

Think Local, not Larger

Window clingsUnless you’re throwing the party to end all parties, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll attract visitors from outside your local area. Focus your marketing efforts on that small-ish area for the highest return on your time and money investment. You know your area – do people mostly shop or get services within the city limits? Or do surrounding towns drive into your city for more selection? Do you get commuters passing through on their way to work? Think hard about who your customers are, who your neighbors are, and who is likely to be in your area. Put up flyers where they’ll be seen, banners or bow flags by the roadsides, and of course, window clings in your windows to draw attention!

Enlist Partners or Exchange Publicity

Business partnershipIf your business has a few B2B partners, you may have ready-made allies! Ask them to promote your event to their employees, and if relevant, to their customers. This could be as simple as allowing you to post a flyer in their store or hang a banner in their parking lot. You can also use a tit-for-tat arrangement if you aren’t on close terms with a business – offer them space in your windows, or publicize their brand at your event, in exchange for the same from them, for your event!

This is, of course, just the start of a long list of ways to publicize your event in a big way – within a budget. You’ll also need great visuals to make sure your event makes the big impression you’re looking for! We’ve got you covered. Get in touch for quotes, questions or details.

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