Stand Out at Your Event: 3 Tips for a Fun and Playful Display

There are a lot of different ways to help your event booth stand out in the crowd of other displays and businesses. Gimmicks abound, and bigger often seems to be better, when you stroll the aisles of most trade shows. Having a cohesive, clear look to your booth is a good way to pull all the elements of your business together into one impressive space.

If you have the right kind of business for it, a fun and playful event booth can be a great way to distinguish yourself. Think about it – most displays you see are pretty drab and serious, so anything outside the box is going to attract notice. Of course, a bright and colorful booth might seem odd for a law firm or an acupuncturist. But if you have a brand that is in line with having a bit of fun, go big with your visuals and watch the foot traffic come your way!

Delight with Brights

All over print polyester table coverChoosing vivid, unmissable colors is a key part of designing a fun trade show booth. Don’t go overboard with 20 blindingly neon shades, but choose a few colors that fit with your brand and your logo, and use them to highlight your visuals and your display. We love the look of choosing one neon shade as an accent, and then using bold, saturated colors like red, blue, pink, yellow and green in your main visual elements. Make sure you avoid clashing shades, and leave plenty of white space (or black, depending on your look) to keep from presenting a busy, blinding display.

Give Them a Gimmick

Games at trade showDon’t turn up your nose at fun and games! Think about what it feels like to walk through a trade show – very serious, sometimes tiring, and often a little monotonous. If you can get a bit silly and still be in keeping with your brand and product, we say go for it! Prize wheels are a common method, but you could also create fun games that get visitors interacting with your products or services, or design guessing games for fun, goofy prizes. And why not encourage a little competition among your visitors for prizes?

Create the Right Space

Welcoming trade show boothIf you want your booth to be fun and playful, you’ll need to make a space for all that good mojo to happen in. We’d suggest dispensing with the typical table-in-front layout, and instead leaving the front of your booth mostly open so that you can invite visitors in. Chairs and the right furniture inside your space (and perhaps a table with a fun and vibrant table cover!) will make it welcoming and warm.

If you think that a fun, not-so-serious trade show booth could be right for your business, we hope you’ll have a look around our webshop, and get in touch with questions or ideas. The design is yours – we’re here to make it happen for you, at a great price!

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