Back to School: Make Campus Cool Again

It’s hard to believe that it’s really September, and the kids are heading back to school! Nothing rushes up quite as fast as Labor Day and the start of the school year. For schools, academies, universities and colleges, this means upgrading campus décor to highlight new events, new mascots, and new branding to get students, parents and prospective students excited about your location.

Decorating your school or college campus is a necessary part of creating that community culture that’s so important to an educational institution. You want to welcome new students and freshman to your campus, let everyone know about important events, celebrate school spirit, and even help visitors and students navigate your location. The right visuals can really make a huge difference between a run of the mill institution and a bright, colorful campus full of school spirit. Here are our top picks for campus decorations.

Light Pole Banners

light pole bannersLight pole banners are really the top choice for all purposes on campus. They’re great for navigation, since you can point new students in the direction of school buildings, athletic facilities, etc. They are also an inexpensive way to dress up something you probably already have around campus – light poles! Show off your mascot, your school colors, and your team name in a bright, high quality print. Light pole banners are made to handle all the bad weather you can get over a semester, and won’t fade in the sun either. This makes them a good investment for long-term decoration.

Custom Carpets & Mats

custom plush carpetIt’s not a school without a little mud, right? Keep your hallways and facilities clean no matter what the weather is outside, with attractive and welcoming carpets and mats for all your spaces. Our custom carpets and mats allow you to showcase your school name, logo, mascot, and colors, so students, parents, and staff will see your branding as soon as they enter! And the functionality is obvious as well – students can track an awful lot of mud, sand and dirt into your school buildings without a mat to clean their shoes.

Banner Blades

bow flagsBanner blades, also called bow flags, are a cost-effective way to make a big visual impact. These upright vertical banners stand on their own, indoors and outdoors, so passersby can’t miss your graphics. Banner blades work great to highlight important buildings on campus, like the main offices, athletic facilities, or cafeteria space. They can be seen from the road or on foot, which makes them ideal for directing visitors to special sports matches and athletic events as well.

This is just a short-list of our top ideas for your campus décor – we offer tons more banners, flags, window decorations and even tents to make your special events and your everyday campus look great! Get in touch to tell us what you’re looking for, and how we can help you customize it to perfection.

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