More Top Tips for Your First Trade Show Exhibit

Last week, we let you in on some trade show know-how, so you can conquer your first event in style. But really, there’s a lot more to know! Hopefully you’re heading into trade show planning with a solid team of helpers, plenty of time to structure and organize, and a lot of enthusiasm for the great marketing opportunity before you! You can practically smell all those new leads, right?

In order to help you along the path to a killer booth and buckets of new contacts and leads, we’ve put together a few more bits of advice for putting together your first exhibit. We’ve helped a lot of businesses, huge and small, to customize the perfect booth and trade show visuals to wow passersby and bring them in for a chat. But before you can worry about what great visuals you’re going to use, you need to think logistics!

Pick the Right Show

Trade show crowdsWe really can’t overstate the importance of this one. Obviously an established trade show is the ideal option, one with lots of press attention, guaranteed foot traffic and impressive stats to back it up. But it’s also vital that you choose a trade show that makes sense for the type of brand you are – and the type of customer you have.

It doesn’t matter if 15,000 people are walking past your booth, if only a tiny handful of them are your target customer, with any interest in what you have to offer. Pay attention to the details and choose a show that fits in with your products or services, your brand ethos (i.e. a ‘green’ trade show if you’re an eco-minded company), or your type of customer (baby boomers, millennials, new home-owners, etc.)

Make it Hands-On

Product demoMost trade show booths are pretty static and flat, even with great visuals. What trade show visitors really want is to interact physically! If your exhibit includes something they can do, play with, touch or handle, visitors will be more drawn to check out what you’re about. Product demonstrations, samples and prototypes visitors can play with, and even touch screens work well.

Be Smart with Staffing

Trade show staffWhat visitors are likely to remember, even beyond your gimmicks and giveaways, is the interaction they had with your booth staff. This isn’t really a job for the unpaid interns or random friends looking for a few days of work. Ideally your company’s thought leaders, sales people and account managers should be the ones reaching out to new leads at a trade show. Prepare them well with a run-down of your goals for the show, their objectives, and perhaps some friendly competition for who can bring in the most leads?

Obviously having a great looking booth is a crucial part of your trade show prep – we’ll get to that in our next post. But once you’ve settled on what trade show you’ll be attending and worked out the logistics, it’s time to browse our webshop for the visuals that will help you stand out in the crowd! Get in touch if you have questions or want to talk details.

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