Outdoor Event Visuals: Making the Best of Bad Weather

When businesses sign up to attend an outdoor event, they’re all hoping for one thing: nice weather. Whether it’s a fair, trade show, expo or festival, there are few outdoor events that aren’t hugely improved by a little sunshine and mild temperatures. You’ll always get higher attendance at events held during stretches of good weather, which obviously gives you a chance to meet more new leads and make a lot more good impressions!

But if you’ve exhibited your business at a few out-of-doors events, then you know that mother nature doesn’t always smile upon your marketing plans. When that happens (all too often, we know), you can be the envy of other exhibitors by bringing visuals that also provide shelter from precipitation – the double whammy of outdoor marketing. Plan ahead for the worst, and draw visitors into your protected, sheltered space when the weather turns sour.

Custom Tents

Custom tentA great canopy tent is definitely the gold standard when it comes to sheltering and looking great at the same time! You’d be hard-pressed to find a larger printable area to really showcase your brand at any event. And while a great custom design will help you stand out, sturdy construction and high quality materials will ensure that your tent can shelter you in any weather. All our tents are durable and reliable, and offer a range of sizes, styles, colors and price points.

Custom Tent Sidewalls

SidewallSidewalls are the easiest and most economical way to increase the shelter and privacy your tent offers. If you’re looking for more branding, they can do that too! Our offerings for custom tent sidewalls range from the very classic (opaque vinyl printed walls), to the practical (food booth sidewalls with windows and zippers), to the sophisticated (transparent, custom printed mesh). Choose how sheltered you would like your space to be by adding one, two, three or all four sidewalls to your tent frame.

Advertising Umbrellas

Advertising umbrellaOur advertising umbrellas are a fun, creative and effective way to get a little shade from the sunshine – or a little shelter from the rain! And they’re just unusual enough to get you noticed in a crowd of other booths and tents. Available in three sizes, you can get exactly the shelter you need from this canopy, with a tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle for sun, rain, and wind. These umbrellas are also a great option if you find tents to be a little too daunting – either in terms of setup, size or price point – since umbrellas are very economical and easy to put up.

The season for outdoor events is definitely still here for a few more months – are you fully equipped to deal with whatever the skies throw at you? Have fun, increase your branding, and protect your space with the right sheltering visuals. We hope you’ll get in touch with questions, or to discuss your plans for an eye-catching, protected event display that visitors will be tempted to visit, for shelter and for other reasons!

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