Think Outside the Box: Unusual Trade Show Visuals

In our experience, trade show visuals can run the gamut from the traditional to the truly bizarre. Most displays you encounter are sticking to the tried and true, and we're not putting that down; the trade show favorites like table covers and drapes are popular for a reason!

But if your quest is to help your business really stand out at that next trade show or event, and you're feeling adventurous, we have quite a few visuals that are on the more unusual end of the spectrum. Whether it's adding in one or two to your current display, or completely revamping your space to fit a new theme, visuals that think outside the box will certainly help you grab attention wherever you set up!

Triga Towers

Triga towerTriga is an established name in trade show visuals – we're certainly not suggesting they're strange! But the Triga Towers are remarkable in all the right ways; they stand free and self-supported, so you can position them wherever they draw the most attention. With truly top of the line printed visuals, stretched expertly across the Triga tension frame, these towers are a few steps above your average trade show visuals in more ways than one. If you want to wow, Triga Towers are like a banner with the volume turned way up! Check out this video on YouTube to learn more about how the Triga tension fabric system works, and how easy it is to set up.

Advertising Umbrellas

Advertising umbrellaYou probably haven't run into a ton of advertising umbrella canopies during your time spent at trade shows. Use that to your advantage! As long as a fun branded umbrella suits your business and branding, it can be a great way to turn heads. Our advertising umbrellas can be totally customized to match your brand colors, and printed with your logo. Obviously these advertising umbrellas work great for shade at outdoor events, but we still love them for indoor events as well! 

Light Displays

LightboxAdd a spark to your trade show display with our impossible-to-miss lightboxes! These wall mounted frames light your custom image from behind to draw attention to it, whether it's your logo, a great photo, or even a promotional message. We offer two styles – the LED Lightbox with Wall Mount, which lies relatively flat to your wall surface, or the Lightbox Frame with Wall Mount, which has a 3D frame that stands out from the wall. Both can draw a lot of attention from passersby, since they’re both a light source and a great visual!

We offer a huge range of visuals – so whether you’re looking for something classic or something modern, MVP Visuals can help! Search our webshop to see the many options you have for creating a stunning trade show or event display, and then get in touch to discuss the order details, the specks for your favourite visuals, and the prices we can offer you.

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