3 Display Design Tips for Making the Most of a Small Space

In a perfect world, the space you’re given at a trade show or event would always be spacious and complete. We all want to create a stunning, attractive event display that draws in visitors – and space is a big part of that! But in reality, you’ll often be forced to make do with less.

But fear not! You can still make a big impact in a small space, with the right individual elements to create a professional, sophisticated display. If you have visuals that draw attention and show off your branding and logo, visitors will take notice even if you don’t have a lot of space to sprawl out in. We’ve put together 3 design tips for your display, to help you maximize the smaller spaces you’ll often encounter at events.

Keep It Simple

trade show boothThis first one should be obvious – if you overload your space with many different elements, it will be hard to make any impression other than the impression of clutter! You might not be able to fit furniture like tables and chairs into your space. If this is the case, you’re better off skipping table covers and opting for banners or flags instead. Or, you might find that a cocktail table gives you a working surface without taking up too much room.

Smart Display & Storage Space

instant tableIf you offer products or samples at your booth, you’ll need to be smart about display space. Retail displays can be bulky and take up too much floor space. We recommend an instant table, which can create compact tables, but can also combine with accessories to create counter space, shelves, and other structures for your products. If you need storage space but want to keep it private, many of our table covers come with open backs – so you can store under your table with easy access.

Start in the Back

Expand Link WallIf you need to focus on a few simple visuals instead of many elaborate ones because of restricted space, there is one element that is definitely your friend: the high impact backdrop. The beauty of a backdrop is that it doesn’t technically take up space in your footprint, but it has a big visual impact that anyone passing by will notice. Customize it in a big and bold way to attract attention, whether it’s custom drapes, or an inexpensive fabric pop up. The Expand Link Wall is a more elaborate 3-panel backdrop, which allows you to change graphic panels to suit different display spaces.

When you’ve come up with a display design that showcases all you have to offer, and your awesome branding, without overwhelming a small space, get in touch with us to talk over the details of your custom visuals. We’re happy to help you put it all together. You can also Request a Quote if you know what you need right now!


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