What Design Style is Best for Your Brand?

Planning and executing a great trade show booth or event display is no small feat. There are a lot of hours that stand between you and the perfect big-impact exhibit, and a lot of tough decisions as well. Assuming you already have a logo in hand, your next task will be deciding on what type of look you want for your display as a whole.

Custom table covers, banners, carpets, drapes – these things are important, yes. But it’s more important to step back and picture the entire effect of your booth. Does it have a coherent aesthetic? Or is it a mishmash of different colours and styles? Is it too much? Too little? Tackling these questions in the planning stages will save you from a big headache when all your visuals are already customized and in hand.


Custom drapesIn some places it might be seen as a negative to be traditional, but in a trade show or expo setting, this can definitely be a positive! Classic visuals are understated and subtle, which often translates to your visitors as professional and serious. Those are rarely bad qualities in a business situation!

Subtle colour palettes (black, white, tans, grays, navy, etc.) can be chic and stylish while still adhering to a classic look. Custom polyester drapes make a very traditional trade show backdrop, and can work for almost any display. If your brand is interested in projecting a professional, get-down-to-business look, the classic approach might be for you.


All over print polyester table coverWe’ve all seen these types of displays at a trade show – you can’t work past them without noticing! Sometimes you wish you had sunglasses to shield your eyes from all the neon colors. But they get the job done, drawing attention and visitors with their bright and fun designs, whether it’s custom spandex table covers or splashy graphic pop ups. Could this look work for your brand?

That depends a lot on what your brand is, and what your business does. What is fun and playful visual marketing for a bicycle shop or family-friendly restaurant would be unprofessional or even bizarre for a financial adviser or law office. If you like the aesthetics of vivid, unmissable visuals, and it doesn’t clash with the type of brand or business you have, then go for it!

Statement Pieces/Subtle Basics

Triga TowerAnother option would be to combine a bit of both – rely on classic, minimalist styling for most of your display, but with a few bold and attention-grabbing visuals to make sure your branding hits home and stands out. This is a great option for the budget-conscious, since you can save money by purchasing non-printed drapes, flooring, and table covers, and then invest in a stand-out custom banner or a Triga Tower no one will be able to miss.

If you’re having trouble putting your ideas and inspirations into action, check out our tips for using Pinterest to organize the display planning process. And when you’ve decided, request a quote for all your visual needs from MVP!

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