Need Some New Faces? Plan a Promotional Event

It can be hard to reach new customers and leads that are outside of your normal demographic. For stores and restaurants, you’re often limited to customers who live nearby or drive past. For businesses that offer niche services, it can be difficult to expose others to the services you provide, if they’re not in your specific target audience. How can you cast a wider net?

One of the best ways to expand your reach is hosting an event. New customers are essential to growth, and events are an effective way to raise your profile in your community, so more potential leads are aware of you. Awareness is the first step; even if they don’t immediately come into your store and buy something, or contract your services, they will think of you next time they have a need that you can fill. Your options are endless, but here are a few suggestions to start you out:

Host a Themed Party

Back to school partyHosting a party is an easy way to bring people in, whether it’s a tent outside your store, your business space itself, or at a local venue. If you show them a good time, you’ll see them again eventually! The theme obviously depends on what type of business you have, but think about the time of year (Halloween, summer fest, back to school, etc.), important anniversaries, or just something fun for the group you’d like to bring in. Family-friendly events with fun activities for kids are a good bet – even if kids aren’t your market, their parents probably are!

Host a Block Party with Others

Block partyYou can share some of the responsibilities, and still get all the glory, by collaborating with neighboring businesses to host an event for your block, neighborhood, or street. This is a great way to connect with locals in your vicinity and establish a relationship with them, but also a good way to attract visitors from other areas into your area and your business. Big decorations are key, and special offers like sidewalk sales, free giveaways, contests, etc. are helpful for bringing in party-goers.

Sponsor Established Events

Event sponsorIf you’re not feeling up to the work and planning time required to pull off a great event yourself, consider sponsoring an event that is already established in your community. Be mindful of who your ideal customer is though – sponsoring a children’s event is a great call for stores or family-friendly restaurants, but it would be a weird pairing for a bar, law office or retirement community. Just make sure that you are able to get detailed information on how and where the event will publicize your business, whether your logo will be included in ads, and what you get for your money!

Deciding on your event is definitely the first step, and the most important one! But once you know what you’re planning, we’d love to help you get the custom tents, banners and flags you need to make a good showing. Shop around our website and get in touch if you have questions!

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