Exploring the Logo: Design Food for Thought

Businesses and start-ups that are still in the early stages of growth certainly have a lot on their plates! From crafting a business strategy to identifying your market, there is a near-endless amount of work that goes into getting a new business off the ground and into the air. Your logo shouldn’t be the first thing you worry about, but it should definitely be up there in the top 10!

Once you know what your business or start-up will do, go one step further – invest some time to think also about what your business will be. You aren’t just the services you provide, the products you sell, or the food you serve. These things are factors that come together, with many others, to form your brand. And your logo is the face of that!

What is the Purpose of a Logo?

Apple logoThe real motivation behind designing a logo should be the desire to create something recognizable. The main purpose of your logo is not: to sell things, to show what you do, to tell customers what you sell. Most important is that your logo will be something that identifies you to people, so that eventually they will come to recognize that single graphic as representing your brand – and thus, all the aspects that go into your brand, like your products, services, customer care, and company mission or ethos. If you settle on a logo design that is easy to identify and recognize, whether that’s through colors, style or content, you’re on the right track.

How Much Should a Logo Tell Us?

UPS logoToday, we see a huge range of logos in the market – big, small, complex, simple, text, graphic, etc. You should try out as many options as possible, to help you hone in on what you like for your brand and what doesn’t quite fit. It’s good to remember that a logo doesn’t need to show or tell about your brand or what you offer. It can, certainly; this past UPS logo (used before their current design) is a good example of a simple logo that still shows what the company does. But there are also logos like Apple, IBM, or Nike that are impactful without any connection whatsoever to the functions of that business. We put meaning on the logos ourselves, since we know those brands. Customers will do the same for yours if you impress them!

What Should be the Focus in the Design Process?

Starbucks logoSince we said that being recognizable is crucial, it shouldn’t be surprising that uniqueness is a critical quality in any design you work on. The specific elements that create a unique design are completely up to you, since you can decide on colors, text, or graphic features that help you stand out. But the overall effect should be unlike anything you’ve seen around (and you should look around!), and stand out even from a distance. This doesn’t have to be complex or outlandish – simple and classic can still be one-of-a-kind!

These questions and answers should help get you started on the road to your new logo. We’ll have more tips and ideas coming soon on the blog! In the meantime, check out our newest eBook for more particulars about logo design: download it for free here.

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