Give Me (More) Shelter: Sidewalls to Enhance Your Tent

If you’re already using a custom or pop up tent, then you’re well on your way to making a big statement at all your events. Tents are a high impact way to get noticed in a crowd, whether it’s at a fair, festival, expo, or other outdoor event. But are you getting the most out of your tent?

Both custom sidewalls and non-printed sidewalls are great options to consider for improving your tent. Tall walls that attach with straps to your tent’s frame, sidewalls can add a lot to your tent, with benefits ranging from increased branding space to total privacy. If you’re thinking about adding some extras to your event shelter, consider the following sidewall benefits!

Increased Shelter and Privacy

Panorama sidewallsIf you’ve ever been at an event in bad weather, you probably don’t need us to explain how a few sidewalls would hugely improve the shelter offered by your tent. Protect your staff and your tent’s contents from sun, wind, rain or other bad weather with sidewalls that can stand up to the elements. Sidewalls can also increase privacy, by allowing you to partially or fully enclose your tent. We offer solid, opaque sidewalls in heavy duty fabric, printed or non-printed. If you want to be able to see out and for others to see in, consider our Panorama sidewall with clear vinyl panels (also available custom printed), or our mesh screen sidewalls.

More Branding Space (A Lot More!)

Tent with custom sidewallsIt’s hard to deny the big branding boost you can get from even just one sidewall for your tent! Sidewalls offer a huge printable area for customization, so you can show off your logo, images, or even promotional offers. Choose one solid printed sidewall as a backdrop to your display, or enclose two or three sides to increase your impact on those walking toward your tent from other angles.

If you want the branding space but not the opacity, check out our printed mesh screen sidewalls, which allow you to showcase your large logo and still see out and in!

Increased Functionality and Flow

Food Booth SidewallsIf you’re using your tent for something other than just shade, you might want sidewalls that make use easier and more efficient for your purposes. To this end, we offer sidewalls that specifically cater to other uses, like vending or food service. Our custom tent food booth sidewalls (also available non-printed) make vending or serving easier and safer, protecting your products and food while also organizing your customer interactions at roll-up windows.

We also offer sidewalls with middle zippers, to facilitate an entrance and exit for your tent space. This is ideal if you need the total privacy of all four sidewalls, but want the option of opening up one or more sides.

Our sidewalls come in a range of styles and sizes, to fit all our most popular tents and many more. We’re happy to help you improve your custom or pop up tent – get in touch to talk about your needs, or request a quote if you’ve found a sidewall you like! 

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